Title: necropolis part 2
Filename: levels/doom2/m-o/necropt2.zip
Size: 844.38 KB
Date: 05/18/96
Author: Terrence morquecho
Description: not just hack n slash or annoying puzzles but a good combo of both! along with new sound music and sprites. well thought out rooms with much playtesting done to ensure good balance. (2nd wad contains language some might find offensive, by FRANK RIZZO sizzle chest) First you are sent to discover the reason behind the raising of the dead in a martian colony. then you find a mysterious force behind it. Part 2 of the necropolis wad. after discovering the entrance to the aliens castle you find a strange place with impossible architecture that defies logic. Now you must enter RY'leth, home of Cthulhu. UAC reports that a strange gateway was found at a Mars mining colony. several barons were captured before the base was overrun revealing that somewhere in there is the Entrance to RY'leth. Your commander says you'll know the entrance by the elder sign sealing it closed. a green star of unusual design. and.... by the fact that the more insane you become the closer you are to Cthulhu himself. you'll see things that are'nt there and halls will appear longer than they really are!! the necropolis wad has nothing to do with Hexen.
Credits: jerkey boy wad, star wars wad, edmap maker, evildead wad
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: edmap,NwT,rmb
Bugs: some monsters ignore player altogether sometimes
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