Title: Neighbour 1.0
Filename: levels/doom2/m-o/neighbor.zip
Size: 58.58 KB
Date: 12/27/99
Author: Bob Pittman
Description: A spaceship lands in my neighbourhood and releases the Hordes of Hell. You start in my home and have to clean up the neighbourhood. Then just destroy the spaceship and it's a done deal!
Credits: id for making DOOM, DOOMII, and now Quake I utilized DCK and WinTex. Thanks to the authors
Base: A wad I created myself.
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Rating: (6 votes)
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fun mapx
pretty fun. be sure to look for the SSG and plasma secrets within the home, it will make things much easier.x
First comment was 0_o. But anyway okay neighborhood map. It still couldn't been better though. Not saying I could do better. For now. My only question is- where in the neighborhood is the spaceship? I know you go in it but really. WHERE?!?!?!?!x
On an objective level this map is terrible; it's a city-style map, but the design is crude and blocky and amateurish, especially for something designed as late in the day as 1999. However I enjoyed playing it, because there's lots of action, hundreds of baddies and lots of infighting. It doesn't amount to more than a series of square rooms that pour out monsters, but I liked it. There's one baffling bit with a load of demons where you have to press an unmarked wall to make a door open.x
if im ever out of toylit paper i can use this WAD to wipe my self with! x

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