Filename: levels/doom2/m-o/never2.zip
Size: 208.87 KB
Date: 03/05/95
Author: Brian Martin
Description: A really cool castle wad. NEVER2 is fun, and challenging in UV, but not too hard. There are some tough secrets to find, and there are tons of baddies. Death matchers should have a blast as well as singles. So what's the description? Get the wad and check it out! Compared to other 'non-linear' levels, this one is really non-linear. It's also pretty well inter-connected for DM after all the secrets are found. It features the Death Room, a cool outside area where you can jump all over the place, a multi-leveled maze type thing, and the dreaded caco-lair! No stupid switch puzzels or death traps. A straight forward ass kick'n pwad. It is basically the same as never.wad for doom1, except I added the doom][ stuff (combat shot gun & monsters) and changed 2 textures.
Credits: deu makers, dm2conv maker, doom makers, dozer, cooter, pee, and becky
Base: Conversion of never.wad (dm2conv)
Build time: 20 minutes or so. ;)
Editor(s) used: deu (and gcc port), RMB, dmmusic, dmaud, neopaint, bsp, midi2mus, dmgraph, dm2conv
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This is dated March 1995. It's the Doom II version of id=1111, and it's much the same; you fight 447 baddies in a large, wandery, empty, undetailed castle. It's initially frustrating, with a lot of hitscan monsters and not much health. The map is superficially entertaining because you get to slaughter 447 mostly weak monsters (there's a decent boss battle, superfluous and hidden away), but it feels like a hollow shell of a level.x

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