Filename: levels/doom2/m-o/ngzone.zip
Size: 68.15 KB
Date: 06/07/00
Author: Neno Ljubenov Galev
Credits: Dimiter Todorov Georgiev id Software
Base: New level from scrach
Build time:
Editor(s) used: WADED v1.83 beta, DETH v4.24
Rating: (6 votes)
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A good map,although it lost its balance to be great map as later parts seems filler in terms of progression and combats...start is very fun till crusher part later gets too easy due to surplus supplies...worth downloadinx
A nice oldschool softcore ((R) Hitherto) WAD. A couple of spots are unintuitive, so you may get stuck for a while. Some secrets are mandatory; fortunately, those are marked. Some others are less obvious, yet I found all on the third try in a FDA. The start is a little tense with all the hitscanners; but there's plenty of health and way more than enough weapons and ammo later on. Fun.x
very funx
I'm not even going to rate this pos.x
This is dated May 2000. It's decent, with enough action to keep me amused. The map is a kind of mid-sized techbase / luxury mansion with a tacked-on cratemaze, with 250+ baddies (lots of hitscan monsters). For 1995 it would have been exceptional, but it was made in 2000, so it is merely okay. Let down by two things; a reliance on essential but unmarked secrets, including one near the start, and a frustrating crushing ceiling section.x

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