Filename: levels/doom2/m-o/ninjaduk.zip
Size: 77.02 KB
Date: 05/31/99
Author: Brett J. Murtha
Description: Um... You know, like... It's a Doom 2 level... And you... ah... play it... see?
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Predominately WADAUTHOR.

DoomEd for WindBloze 3.11 a few years back laid the skeleton, but I didn't get too far beyond Sector 0, the first staircase, the "meat locker" and the "sacrific room".

That editor kept causing trubz so the WAD was stuffed in a zip and promptly forgotten for several years. I dusted it off again when some of the kewl and helpful doodz in #DOOM2 mentioned WadAuthor...

Well I think this new editor kicks ass (esp the on-screen bitmaps, multiple tag options and map error checking). The result was an obsessive couple of days exploring the architectural abilities of the Doom 2 v1.9 engine... There's a wide variety of themes in this single level, and the map looks cluttered and DAUNTING, but it's actually very clear and concise, with a definite linearity to it. This is helped by the use of the three keys and switches with false panels over them you need to find the releases for. (Hint: Note the mining company logo from Doom 1.)

If you think there's too many monsters, take the architecture into account. I've used thematic textures a little. There's crushing ceilings for some of the cybies. Narrow shooting slots let you wipe out neighbouring rooms in relative safety (will you be sucked in by the cybie-slot, tee hee). Also, try to get the more conjested areas cleared before you enter by turning the nasties on each other. The opponents I've placed in certain areas have been specially chosen for their detriment on other species.

I consider this pretty easy to get through; it can take about 20 minutes. It's quite easy to finish the level WITHOUT cheating AFTER you've solved the riddles, but if you really must just have a frag-fest -- or just to initially solve the rotten thing without dying and restarting -- only use the IDFA cheat instead of IDKFA, so you preserve the linearity of the "story" without gaining keys prematurely...
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cool and kinda weirdx
Kinda too annoying to find your way through. 2/5 - Optimusx
Quite. We should review the level and not the author, but the readme is by turns gormless and arrogant, which would be forgivable if the level was any good. But it is not. Authors! MEN! The best wads tend to have tiny readmes because the authors are busy making the level rather than writing about themselves. Twice you can get stuck with crushing ceilings and it ends with a bit where you go up and lift and down the lift and up and down etc. Irritating level.x

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