Filename: levels/doom2/m-o/nitelife.zip
Size: 711.67 KB
Date: 01/04/98
Author: Tom Farmer
Description: Replaces DOOM2 maps 01-12 Map01: A small sea-side town, with a few buildings a large beach, a dock, a sewer, some ships. and plenty of monsters. Map02: Based on Laser Quest in Reading, includes a recption area, an airlock, the control room, most importantly the maze! Good with multiplayers loads of monsters again! Map03: A prisoner of war camp, with watch towers, guards, mess hall etc. Map04: A laboratory thats gone wrong, with a nasty acid pit to shoot your friends into, a reactor thats going to melt down and loads of nasty tricks and puzzles. Map05: The unholy church: the preacher reigns fire down upon you. and the congregation aren'nt to happy to see you either!. Map06: Fight your way through an infested starport, run along the luggage conveyor, shoot monsters out of the control tower from below. loads of vantage points, loads of monsters. excellent on multiplayer. Map07: Grab the gun infront of you, turn round and blow away your mate whose misfortune it was to not grab the gun in time. Brings back the feel of the western 'draw' Map08: The back streets. run arround the seedy hotel and monster ridden shopping mall stalking your mates Map09: The toxins in the toxin refinary have made the monsters multiply, excellent on deathmatch. Map10: Another multiplayer shoot-out. shoot at each other across the buildings. Map11: Pit your wits against the likes of spider and cyberdemons in the biggest monsterfest you have seen. Map12: Have a deathmatch in the confusing corridors of an old mine, It's Indiana Jones-tastic mate!
Credits: Id software The authors of all the Editors used (loads). Everyone I know who has helped with testing.
Base: New levels from scratch
Build time: Effin ages, its still not finished either! several crates of beer, and a lot of munchies!
Editor(s) used: DEU2 v1, DeeP, DCK v2.0b, Deluxe Animator, DMgraph, BSP11W, DeepBsp, Graphics Workshop, Paintshop Pro 3, DEU 5.0, etc.
Bugs: some difficulties moving through the maze of map 02 small HOM's on map 01
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Wonderful. They don't make 'em like this any more.x
Old episode that takes the realism angle. Unlike a lot of realistic-type levels though, this one has enough cheese and fun moments to pull it through. Novelty.wad is a bizarre collection of mini-challenges, some of which don't have an exit. x
I like this one, some good ideas here. Bit too many powerups though, would've benefitted from using the multiplayer-only flag.x

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