Title: Nostalgy: Trip down my memory lane
Filename: levels/doom2/m-o/nostdmml.zip
Size: 66.64 KB
Date: 04/26/09
Author: Jodwin
Description: This is a remake of a map that I had originally created sometime in 99-02. Back then this used to be one of my favourite maps, and a while ago I found myself wanting to play it again. However I had lost the map in a HD crash a while ago, so I had to remake it based on what I remembered of the map. The detail level is mostly low since the original map was very low in detail as well and the map themes are all over the place.

There are three different "game modes": HMP is mostly similar to the original map I had made, UV is a HR version of the original and ITYTD/HNTR item placement is in HR style done by Maes before he was shown the original item placement. So this is essentially a "three-in-one" experience.
Credits: Maes for HNTR item placement
Base: New from scratch
Build time: Two days
Editor(s) used: Doombuilder, Wintex
Bugs: Some misaligned textures
Rating: (5 votes)
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Okay I beat this without dying once. The only hard part is that the author makes it so picking the wrong room leaves you ammo depleted and you die. Luckily I never had that happen but I was close to it. Level design is shit. Overall okay, nothing special.x
Meh. It's ok. Nothing too special in my book. 3/5x
Pretty intense on each difficulty level, and surprisingly different enough to make it worth playing thrice if you don't mind the plain layout and poor detail. To the above reviewer, there's an SSG on both HMP and UV close to the beginning, on the "ledge" with all the shotgunners. Take an elevator in the gray room to get there.x
Eh... can't say I care for the lack of detail and the architecture/texturi ng too much, to be honest. Gameplay was OK (on UV), but I really missed an SSG and maybe a plasma gun.x

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