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Date: 10/24/96
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This is from September 1996. There are three levels. Map01 is a dull 1994-style level with large undetailed rooms. You get all the weapons, but the monsters are zombiemen. It has flat22 in it. Map02 is a big, spartan outdoors level; Map03 is bigger and even more empty, although it has a football pitch The whole is inoffensive but dull. None of them match the description above - perhaps there is a bug in the archive.x
OK first there's a frustrating barrel puzzle, where you have to move a barrel by punching it just enough so you can open a door behind it. If you succeed you'll find an alcova with a Cyberdemon which wiggles its tan ass in your face, and you'll have to pass the next 5 minutes fisting its tan ass to get into the alcova. Then you can safely set off the barrels and escape to see the rest of the level: UTTER SHIT IT'S FUCKING HORRIBLE 0/5 -MAESx
my frend always gets hi off robitussin, and after you drink a lot of it sometimes after your trip is over you have this AWFULL vomit, its like.. pukeing out your guts, well, after playing this wad i think i understand how that feals x

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