Title: Not SO Simple
Filename: levels/doom2/m-o/nss.zip
Size: 457.69 KB
Date: 03/06/08
Author: John Nelle
Description: This 8 level .wad is made up from some wads I had made awhile ago. I cleaned them up and made them more playable. Some, but not all are death-match ready, but not tested.
Base: DOOM2 v1.9
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DOOMCAD 6.1, WINTEX 3.4, DEUTEX/DEUSF 3.4
Bugs: Minor HOM on second level, hard to spot.
Rating: (4 votes)
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It was all right, 3 out of 5 for effort.-Candle Mx
This is dated January 1996. It's understandably old-fashioned, with wonky textures etc. Like a lot of these early megawads you can tell that the author just stuck together his first few levels; they get better, but not in a linear way. Map01 and 02 are dire, Map03 is a big jump up in quality, it's not bad, but still simple even for 1996. Map04 and 06 are again rubbish, but Map 05 and 08 are decent. None of it's worth writing home about though.x
Aaaaaahhhhhh... that's the kind of map i played long time ago in my young life... whatever, this map doesn't gave a huge coolness feeling, but is very nostalgic. Is a mountain/techbase small megawad, i gave to this 3.9 stars and i reccomend you to play this one.x

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