Title: Nukedoom2x v1.2
Filename: levels/doom2/m-o/nukedx14.zip
Size: 297.96 KB
Date: 04/20/97
Author: Colin Pierson
Description: This is a collection of .wads that I made with detail in mind (the first level is not quite as detailed as the second and third). This is also my first attempt at making and *COMPLETING* my DOOM2 levels. They are not exactly finished yet, but I hope you enjoy them, anyways. They took me quite a while to make. These levels are intended for all modes of play. The first level is based more for Coop (it is by far not the best one of the collection). The second level is designed for Solo (it is pretty good, but has a lousy ending because my editor made so many damn bugs, I had to just finish the level right there or else it would have been too screwed up to distribute), and the third is for DeathMatch and Solo (my favorite).
Credits: The makers of DoomCAD, DoomEd, Dmapedit, Wintex, the person in charge of Beyond Doom: The Apocalyps TC for showing me how to make the walk over and under bridge featured in: Dystopia 3, my friends for giving me some positive comments on my levels, and those Wonderful folks at ID Software.
Base: New levels from scratch.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DoomEd v4.2, DoomCAD v6.1, Dmapedit v4.0, Wintex v4.3
Bugs: In some cases the gameplay is'nt as smooth as I intended on it being, a problem with the candelabra on level 3 that pokes out of an invisable hole in the table, other various bugs that should be gone in the next version, and that stupid fly that never stops bugging the hell out of me.
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The readme is defensive and gives the impression of a workman blaming his tools, and the first level is rubbish. But level two is much better; it has a lovely foresty air, with some trees and nice shadows detail. There isn't really enough ammo to play it on UV, though. The third level is a house, which is better than most but still dull, although it has a nice nukeage factory. There's a bonus level, xxx666, which is an unfinished foresty test.x

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