Title: Nukage Processing
Filename: levels/doom2/m-o/nukproc.zip
Size: 46.98 KB
Date: 07/14/09
Author: Nixot
Description: A short tech-base map with a nukage theme. Contains many themes in seperate rooms: star base, military, computer and dingy dirt. Mental and cramped - but fun.
Credits: ID Software, and Krispavera and Jodwin and Super Jamie and Aliotroph and Solarn for their invaluable help and tips. This map would have been bland and empty without you. Thanks guys.
Base: , military, computer and dingy dirt. Mental and cramped - but fun.
Build time: A week.
Editor(s) used: Doom builder, XWE and Paint (for textures).
Bugs: The nukage monitors are all screwy in vanilla Doom and PrBoom. This happens with every node builder. Also there is tutti-frutti on one of the stairs.How this can be fixed is unknown.
Rating: (9 votes)
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You're improving. 2.5/5x
A short, but decent, map. 3/5. Author shows promise, so I hope he continues to map.x
Not bad, especially for a new mapper. Though releasing with known bugs wasn't such a bright idea, as you could probably have solved them if you had asked for help with this, and learned something in the process (you know, tutti-frutti isn't some new and mysterious bug...). I'll give it a slightly generous 4/5 to provide encouragement and to counter some of the excessive negativity.x
Construction is too tight, poor ammo placement. Better than your last map but not by much. 1.5/5x
A little too cramped.. and I found it focused a little too much on finite details when the room architecture was average at most (ie. floor tiles cut out, puddles of slime etc). Kinda strange. Anyways, ending fight was kind of a surprise, and I thought the gameplay moved pretty well. You're getting better and I think with more practice you could churn out something great.x
Average construction, open up the rooms abit. But the ending was pretty nice. 2/5 - Khorusx

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