Filename: levels/doom2/m-o/obsessd2.zip
Size: 40.14 KB
Date: 09/17/95
Author: Craig Webb
Description: DOOM II conversion of the original OBSESSED for DOOM I. Two levels designed for single player and Deathmatch. As you will soon find out, I love levels that are difficult with lots of the tough guys. In fact, you could say I'm obsessed with the idea. The levels have been made small and compact for non-stop heart-pounding action during deathmatch play (use -nomonsters).
Credits: The makers of Doom and DEU. Vincenzo Alcamo, maker of DM2CONV.
Base: Original DOOM I level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DEU v5.21, bit of WinDEU and DCK22
Bugs: None. Played a million times in single player mode. Coversion created a few minor texture mis-alignments
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A highly unorthodox, challenging, and inventive map. Unlike the previous reviewer I took about 10 seconds to find the secret-but-mandatory door, though his having told me it existed was a great help. This was great fun to play, being so unusual in concept. 5/5 - cjwright79x
Two godawful maps from 1994 or so. Contains just about every 1994-era cliche you can think of: STARTAN3, large empty hallways, secrets you'd never find without IDDT that are necessary to complete the level, etc. What's really pathetic is that the author mentions in the .txt that these levels took a whopping 12 MONTHS to make! 1/5x

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