Title: OK Corral
Filename: levels/doom2/m-o/ok.zip
Size: 49.2 KB
Date: 11/29/96
Author: Neil McKellar
Description: This started out as a simple deathmatch wad and quickly got out of control. :-)

I orginally did this up with only 5 buildings and _only_ beserk packs (and some clips). It was nice, but I wanted to take advantage of the sniping. So I added some shotguns in UV. Then I thought, some wimps might want to try other weapons. So I added those under Not Too Rough. And extra buildings seemed in order.

Anyway, here it is. It's a fun little level even as single player. Don't let the bar fool you. It _is_ survivable in single player. _Don't_ have monsters in network unless you've got a screamingly fast net. It just crawled when we tried it on a friend's IPX net at work. Too damn many demons. :-)

I (honestly) got the idea before I heard about Boothill. I love their levels, but this is more of a John Wayne thing on HMP. :-)
Credits: ID Software (uh huh) Ben Morris (author of DCK)
Base: New Level from scratch (~25 hrs)
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Doom Construction Kit (DCK 2.2) (Yes, I know it's very old now. Don't dis me, man. I'm looking at the newer one.)
Bugs: The network slows down drastically if the monsters are included. Demons suck many resources. Bad demons. Bad.
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A small brown city for you to explore, relatively low but not ugly detail. Kind of boring with not much to look at. Demons are literally treated as pigs - Xit Vono would be proud.x
This is an old map from 1996 that emulates a city. There are a few bugs, but overall the structure, while not at all suited for fast paced matches because of the size and the fact it it easy to hide and get lost, isn't bad. The map felt a bit too dark though, and I couldn't understand the weapon placement. I guess this could be playable on skulltag LMS.x

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