Title: Operation: Lightning
Filename: levels/doom2/m-o/op-lite2.zip
Size: 1.66 MB
Date: 04/19/11
Author: Stephen Clark (The Ultimate DooMer)
Description: A high-tech 21st century DooM episode that is big, innovative, good-looking, and above all, HARD! This episode pushes the DooM engine to it's very limits, and is a very extreme DooM episode.
Credits: Leo Martin Lim (for the excellent shuttle in maps 09 and 10) Russ Walsh (for the corrugated metal texture) Josh Fallon (for the night sky texture)
Base: op-light.wad (the original DooM 1 version, which I never released) and my creative mind. (and inspirations from all over the place)
Build time: About 3 months (for the original) and 1 month (for the extra stuff) and 2 weeks (for the post-Fragport updates)
Editor(s) used: WadAuthor, WinTex, DeHackEd, NewWadTool, DeePsea, Zennode 1.1.0, Paint, PSP.
Bugs: Transmitter bugs, listener bugs, hidden cameras, tracker bugs, phone taps etc. (but none of them appear here. On the levels themselves - a minor HOM in L8, but nothing fatal, and there are no other bugs with DooM 2).
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