Title: OSIRIS Total Conversion
Filename: levels/doom2/m-o/osiris.zip
Size: 2.02 MB
Date: 08/24/96
Author: Glen Payne, Marshal Bostwick
Description: OSIRIS Total Conversion is the much-expanded sequel to I, ANUBIS (a DOOMGATE "Best Doom2 of all time" level). OSIRIS makes that one look like pac-man.

OSIRIS contains incredible new monsters, textures, graphics, and sounds (326 new sprites!). Loosely (very loosely) based on the movie "STARGATE". Designed to be DIFFICULT, with serious thought applied to gameplay, lighting, architecture, immersion, and theme.

Gameplay will be best on ULTRAVIOLENT in single-player or co-op modes. Provision for deathmatch is not included. OSIRIS is NOT so huge as to slow your machine to a crawl, but faster machines will, of course, play better.

OSIRIS is a totally immersive experience. A connoisseur's wadset. Not for the weak.

Requires doom2 1.9 or a deft hand with dehacked. Really. This won't work with other versions. The upgrade patches are freely available at cdrom.com in the idstuff directory or in Compuserve's ACTION GAMES forum.
Credits: id Software - (of course) Ben Morris - (DCK) Olivier Montanuy - (WINTEX 4x, DEUSF) Greg Lewis - (DEHACKED) Marc Rousseau - (ZENNODE) Jeremy Doyle, for the great music. jdoyle@mindport.net http://www.miindport.net/~jdoyle
Base: New levels from scratch
Build time:
Bugs: none
Rating: (38 votes)
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