Title: Outahere
Filename: levels/doom2/m-o/outahere.zip
Size: 173.12 KB
Date: 08/12/05
Author: Zigmund Ozwell
Description: Air dropped into an volcano island fortress your squad is ambushed. Grazed by a bullet and knocked unconcious you awake to find all of your squad slaughtered. Your only hope of escape is to make it to a boat waiting for you in the lagoon.
Credits: My father who said "check out this cool shareware game i found." It's been downhill ever since then... Also thanks to Justin Fisher for the trees, sky, and chaingun graphics. and Matthew Werger for the waterfall graphics (why doesn't doom have any waterfall graphics???) and last but not least Sam's publishing for the very usefull Doom Alchemy Guide.
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An interesting level that uses and re-uses the space well. The new chaingun adds zip, and the level feels a little helter-skelter by the end. I found the ammo balance fine, and the enemies are consistent but not too hard. 3/5x
This is dated March 2001, and it's good fun although a bit old-fashioned. There's a crushing trap near the beginning that's sort-of flagged (there are some corpses) but it's not much fun. Lots of hitscan enemies, and it's fairly cramped. Superfluous replacement chaingun graphics that have been used all over the place; nice little Christmas trees. But overall quite good violent fun.x
Un tres beau tableau trop facile a uv et dure a Fast UV. 4/5 - Eye'sx
Fun. Looks great. 4/5x
very good! 3/5x
Overall good, but there are few cheap traps, and the ammo balance is way off, especially towards the end - and that's even if you don't use the berserk at all.x

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