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100 Line Massacre
POST-FINAL RELEASE UPDATE: GZDoom has recently been updated to support Vanilla Ghosts. If you are running any old ZDoom-based ports (such as Pre-4.8.0 GZDoom, RZDoom, Zandronum, or ZDaemon), please use the newly added "100lnm-old-zdoom-patch.wad" in ...Date:04/17/22
Size:932.98 KB
Author:NinjaDelphox and Arsinikk

1024:ABC edition
1024x1024 letters with gameplay on/in/around it that goes in the alphabetical order with some skip maps in the middle for vanilla compability....Date:06/17/14
Size:452.75 KB
Author:Ilya "Joe" Lazarev

10 monsters
Only ten monsters per map, runs in vanilla, gets progressively harder. A semi-serious effort....Date:06/19/21
Size:202.31 KB
Author:Ilya Lazarev (joe-ilya)

128 Linedefs, 64 Things (Community Project)
A Vanilla Community Project with one rule: Each map could at most only have 128 Linedefs and 64 Things. The megawad comes with 32 maps (+ 3 bonus) from the Doomworld Community, both old and new! All maps were designed with pistol start in mind, t...Date:09/11/22
Size:629.87 KB

The NEW DOOM v1.0
HI!! after about 34 months of hard work and late nights up at the computer, our levels for THE NEW DOOM! are finally finished! We have named it THE NEW DOOM because we replaced all of the OLD DOOM! We hope you like these levels, because I have ha...Date:08/28/02
Size:1.18 MB
Author:Ernie Stockham, Brian Davis & Others (See Below)

Number One Kill The Next Generation
There was hexen and hexen2, startrek and startrek the next generation, quake and quake2. What do they all have in common? The sequel was a hell of a lot better than the original which was good any ways. Well now theirs #1kill the next generation w...Date:11/25/97
Size:2 MB
Author:Angelo Jefferson

1000 Line Community Project V1.0
A 34 map megawad made for vanilla Doom 2, made by the community with a strict line limit of 1000 lines....Date:04/23/19
Size:2.11 MB
Author:Liberation and others

1000 Lines 2 - Community Project 1.0
A 34 map megawad made for vanilla Doom 2, made by the community with a strict line limit of 1000 lines. Using the power of Votex, a vanilla version of the OTEX texture pack by Ola Björling (ukiro). Carrying the story on from the last time, the playe...Date:09/01/20
Size:23.1 MB
Author:Liberation and others

1 Monster Megawad
In the spirit of 1024 Congestion and 10Sector, 25 new maps from the Doomworld community, each limited to only one monster type....Date:10/24/07
Size:7.19 MB

200 Line Massacre: The Slaughtering
200 Line Massacre is a 36-map megawad and sequel to the previous "100 Line Massacre" by Arsinikk and NinjaDelphox. Each map was made with the goal of making Vanilla slaughter-like maps under 200 lines. Contrary to the duo's previous effort, this wad ...Date:12/10/22
Size:8.46 MB
Author:Arsinikk and NinjaDelphox

200 minutes of /vr/
A megawad of vanilla maps, each made in 200 minutes.
Size:1.24 MB

300 minutes of /vr/
A megawad compilation of maps made by /vr/ users. Participants were asked to make a map in 300 minutes, with an initial two-week deadline period for submission. There was no particular theme beyond vanilla compatibility / no custom textures. At dea...Date:09/17/17
Size:2.04 MB
Author:Various users of 4chan's /vr/ board

30 Levels
After destroying the big boss in doom2, you settled down for some r&r, when, suddenly, the cold dead faces of the undead greeted you as you transported in. Realizing the drill, you grabbed your sidearm and wished for some better armament. As you figh...Date:12/20/96
Size:3.65 MB
Author:Stephen Huff

32 Hours in Pain
This is the second episode of the " 20 Days in Hell " trilogy. Send me feedback, please. Requires TNT Evilution....Date:06/01/05
Size:1.5 MB
Author:Kristian Aro

32 in 64kb
an entire megawad with maps that have a combat puzzle style gameplay in less than 64kbs! :D most maps are less than 2kbs after being compressed with WADptr but none exceeded 3kbs uncompressed. maps were designed for a pistol start. without the dehack...Date:08/14/22
Size:23.08 KB

The 64 kb challenge: Vanilla selection
34 maps made under or equal the file size limitation of 64 kylobites, all these levels are vanilla doom / DOS executable friendly....Date:09/09/20
Size:1.13 MB
Author:Various, see authors-v.txt

3 Heures d'agonie 2
3 Heures d'agonie 2 is a collection of 32 vanilla speedmaps designed by members of the French Doom Community. The general rule was that each map layout was to be made within a time limit of 3 hours....Date:11/30/14
Size:2.93 MB
Author:3ha2 Team

3 Heures d'agonie 3
Size:3.24 MB
Author:3ha3 Team

Three's A Crowd (v1.2.2)
A vanilla-compatible mapset created for NaNoWadMo 2019. It tells the story of three people and the different challenges they face trying to survive and save each other after the research facility they're stationed at is struck by a hellish invasion.....Date:09/26/20
Size:2.81 MB

50 Monsters
50 Monsters is a project I started back in 2014 when I was just really getting into mapping. It got a bit out of hand in the second half of development, and as such the final product is fairly inconsistent in terms of overall quality. Still, though, ...Date:01/02/17
Size:6.39 MB
Author:Brayden "AD_79" Hart et al.

60 Minute Marathon
You've heard of wads with three hour maps. You've heard of wads with one hour maps. But here today NiGHTS108 and Synami give you a vanilla, 32-map megawad made entirely in one hour and streamed on both of our Twitch channels! If you're reading this r...Date:10/26/23
Size:292.11 KB
Author:NiGHTS108 & Synami

Congestion: 64
32 maps not bigger than 64x64....Date:12/07/05
Size:12.6 KB
Author:1337 Doomer

Abscission is a dark and moody 32-map vanilla megawad with an original ambient/noise soundtrack composed by me. Each map loosely follows the style of the original iwad levels, but with distinct and new layouts rather than being a remake. Visuals are ...Date:06/07/23
Size:4.1 MB
Author:Snaxalotl "Kyra"

Who cares about some corny story line, who reads it anyway but the geeks who write it. SCREW IT!! Just play the f#%$&&*! thing. These are still the best maps ever made...4 DOOM....Date:09/01/15
Size:1.72 MB
Author:H2SO4 & MrElusive

Get ready to blaze through 32 action-packed levels fit to play in any port of choice - echoes of past megawad affairs such as Memento Mori and Alien Vendetta helped to shape the inspiration for this project. Akeldama continues in the spirit of collec...Date:05/31/20
Size:7.28 MB

Anomaly Report
Anomaly Report is a 33-map megawad for vanilla Doom 2 - inspired from the original Doom 2 and other old-school wads like it (D2TWID, Memento Mori). It is intended to be an easygoing experience with at least a few nasty traps thrown into the mix and a...Date:05/10/22
Size:3.64 MB
Author:Michael Jan Krizik (valkiriforce)

ARCADE ( A TributE To ArcadE GameS )
30 levels of pure carnage. No mazes. Play it!...Date:07/08/01
Size:466.2 KB
Author:Kim Vidal

A collection of 33 new levels for Doom II, ranging from sprawling shootouts to claustrophobic challenge maps. Works in any Doom engine. You can even run it on DOS! Some of the maps get pretty slow on a real DOS machine though... Designed for both...Date:11/28/22
Size:5.36 MB

Alien Vendetta
Alien Vendetta offers 32 all new levels, ranging from small fast-paced tech-styled ones, to complex medieval- and hellish-themed maps. Variety was to be expected considering several authors had a hand in the making of these maps and as no specific...Date:12/26/02
Size:8.62 MB
Author:Martin Aalen Hunsager

Arch-Vile Jump
You ever used the vertical boost of an Arch-Vile-Attack? It doesn't matter if you are a speedrunner or a from time to time player. With some time getting into this, this will make fun for each kind of player. The aim of this wad is to complete the ma...Date:12/23/10
Size:962.75 KB
Author:error aka termrork

Big Crappy Shit Megawad
After Defeating The Big Mother Fucker Brain Thing On Map 30 You see a Warp portal and it all dark when you warp then you see a wrong textures and switch all over the walls you see a sign call crap...Date:04/27/03
Size:444.04 KB
Author:Smoking Joe

Beyond Doom: The Apocalypse TC (an unfinished TC)
Six years later, and a new void has been ripped out of the earth... They're sending in a scout team of convicts (one of which happens to be your friend). Everything seems to go right until they get back and you go to the bathroom... Screams are heard...Date:05/12/06
Size:2.44 MB
Author:Anthony Galica and team (see below)

Operation BIOWAR
Biowar is a doom2 megawad in the spirit of ICARUS and others. It consists of 18 regular levels and 1 secret level. The levels range from moderate to hard and are all very well done. Enjoy!...Date:11/21/99
Size:1.85 MB
Author:Chris Harbin, Paul Corfiatis, John Bishop

Beyond The Hell
Megawad created by four Czech Doomers See the original textfile (!AA_BTH.TXT) for further descriptions and information....Date:12/02/05
Size:1.32 MB
Author:Petr Machata, Milan Kuchynka, Leos Novacek, Filip Machata

Back to Saturn X E1: Get Out Of My Stations
Get Out Of My Stations is the first episode of Back to Saturn X, a three-episode partial conversion for Doom II. Back to Saturn X is fully compatible with Doom2.exe and Chocolate Doom. It has also been tested with Eternity Engine, PrBoom-Plus, ZDoo...Date:03/09/17
Size:17.54 MB
Author:Esselfortium and a lot of wonderful people

Back to Saturn X E2: Tower in the Fountain of Sparks
Tower in the Fountain of Sparks is the second episode of Back to Saturn X, a three-episode partial conversion for Doom II. Back to Saturn X is fully compatible with Doom2.exe and Chocolate Doom. It has also been tested with Eternity Engine, PrBoom-...Date:08/16/20
Size:26.69 MB
Author:Esselfortium and the Back to Saturn X team

Bloodless Doom. Gotta see it. Can be described as being tongue-in-cheek....Date:07/03/98
Size:2.53 MB
Author:The Wildman

ChrisWAD v6.1
30 levels for Doom II v1.9 - 20 levels support all play modes, and there's 10 Deathmatch-only levels as well. ChrisWAD also includes new sounds, music, graphics, a new monster (The Blob), and several changes to the existing monsters....Date:11/20/00
Size:1.78 MB
Author:Chris Polan

Cleimos 2 (repackaged edition)
This is a reupload of the 1995 megawad Cleimos 2 to repackage it in a manner suitable for modern users. The original version uploaded to /idgames was a pair of ZIP files...Date:06/25/15
Size:4.58 MB
Author:Rand and Steven Phares

Confinement 256 (vanilla version)
This is my first several maps made to work in vanilla Doom instead of relying on ZDoom features. More of a proof of concept than anything. From the original release .txt: "The area of each map the player has access to can only as big as a 256x256 m...Date:07/20/21
Size:521.12 KB

Congestion 384
20 levels with play limited to a 384x384 square! The player is often able to see a larger area and monsters may cross these boundaries. The only exception is where an exit line lies close to the edge of the square, possibly allowing the players' to...Date:02/22/09
Size:86.91 KB

Well, and now the key question: WHAT IS CYBERDREAMS? In our opinion, we consider that Cyberdreams can be described, first, as a pile of Doom levels in which the point is killing Cyberdemons in several ways and situations. But if you have been playin...Date:04/17/98
Size:917.58 KB
Author:Gonzalo Prez de la Ossa (Barcelona), Albert Valls (Barcelona)

Doom 2 In Name Only
Imagine a world where Doom II was never released, and the only information that ever came to light was the level titles. Then imagine that nearly 20 years later, some people decided to make some levels based on how they interpreted the level name. Th...Date:06/14/14
Size:6.36 MB
Author:Various, see below

Doom 2 In Spain Only
Vanilla-compatable megawad...Date:09/10/21
Size:3.76 MB
Author:AD-79, Alfonzo, Breezeep, Esselfortium, Jimmy, Tarnsman

Doom 2 Reloaded
32 Level Megawad for use with Doom2. Hopefully a fun packed collection of mainly small to medium sized maps....Date:10/11/09
Size:4.17 MB
Author:Andy Stewart

Doom 2 the Way id Did
Doom II The Way id Did is the long awaited sequel to 2011's Doom The Way id Did. It comprises 32 levels that endeavour to both look and play as though they've come from Dallas, 1994, from the very toiling hands of Sandy, John and American. The idea...Date:12/23/13
Size:1.98 MB

Doom 64 for Doom II
Doom 64 maps recreated or reimagined with vanilla Doom II assets, and made to run within the original vanilla limits. Not all maps are perfect recreations; the goal was to recreate the major aspects of the maps while allowing for creative liberties w...Date:08/04/18
Size:5.37 MB
Author:Various (see below for full credits)

Daniel Level Serie 02
This is a 30 level wad with small maps, made for use with ZDoom bots, on cooperative or deathmatch modes. The ZDoom bots are a little "stupid", so some pickups were placed strategically on the maps. Note: you can play it on any source port....Date:06/10/04
Size:1.05 MB

Damnation (With no MP3 Music)
This is just Damnation but without the MP3 music, instead it just has the MIDI music....Date:06/27/13
Size:45.62 MB
Author:Dzyan Kelsick (Arclite)

The Darkening
It has been 3 years since the destruction of the huge demon that masterminded the invasion of Earth. Your journey back home was almost as difficult and bloodthirsty as your journey into hell, but you made it. You had expected to be made a hero; af...Date:01/07/99
Size:1.62 MB
Author:Jan Van der Veken

The Darkening Episode 2
After a hard nights driving about in the galaxy, your trusted space vessel "Margie" runs out of fuel and you crash on some ugly planet. Uhm... thats it I think. Oh yeah; You have to kill stuff too. (If you depserately need a storyl...Date:08/05/00
Size:4.29 MB
Author:Ola Bjrling

Doom Core Delta (10th anniversary edition)
This is an updated, special edition version of the vanilla megawad Doom Core - contains various changes including co-op fixes, difficulty adjustments, a few new maps and updates throughout for the 10th anniversary of the megawad's inception....Date:12/23/19
Size:3.41 MB
Author:Michael Jan Krizik (valkiriforce)

Doom Core
This is a collection of 32 levels previously unreleased (with the exception of REJECTS.WAD) this is a collection of levels I made from November 2009 - December 2010. Hopefully, you'll find something in here worthwhile and fun to play....Date:09/16/11
Size:3.39 MB
Author:Michael Jan Krizk (Valkiriforce)

This WAD replaces all 32 levels of Doom2. All levels are playable solo, co-op or DM, to give you maximum playing opportunity! Short descriptions of each level are included in DFEARLVL.TXT (included with DMONFEAR.ZIP), but the basic ethic behind the...Date:03/17/00
Size:738.82 KB
Author:Adam Windsor

Doom 0 (abandoned beta)
This is a megawad project I started way back in 2013 but was burnt out of finishing it halfway through because I wasn't feeling like it despite having the rest of the maps sketched on my middle school notebooks and because I've lost two huge maps (MA...Date:11/29/17
Size:735.13 KB
Author:Ilya Lazarev (Joe-Ilya)

Doom 2099 Addon
STORY SO FAR... The year is 2099. You are half-cyborg. Most humans are in this year, with...Date:01/01/98
Size:3.02 MB
Author:Levels: MAP01-24 Justin Madigan MAP25-32 Jeff Lockhart Graphics:Jeff Lockhart

DOOM 32 (Release II)
A set of 32 carefully collected WADfiles for your entertainment. (What else?)...Date:03/27/97
Size:2.86 MB
Author:Michel Remacle, Jeremy Wagner, Matt Rowell, Ryan Moore, Shamus Young, Micheal Freeth, Arturo Cubacub

Doom 404
It's a sad life on the Space Marine IT Help Desk. Especially when you're stuck on the graveyard shift. Night after night of "Did you try rebooting?" Not exactly what you expected when you signed up. You figured this call would be more of the same: ...Date:12/02/18
Size:1.05 MB
Author:Adam Windsor / Capellan

Welcome back to hell. Doom Jr. is 30 Doom][ levels mad by me*. That's right 30. They completly replace every Doom][ level. And, let me tell you, just because I'm 15 it dosen't mean they're a picnic. There are Cacodemons, demons, imps and more ...Date:07/02/97
Size:155.47 KB

Scientists at UAC have created slipgates that go through different dimensions, as well as places in the past and future. Yet there was one dimension that they had overlooked - HELL'S Dimension. Unbeknownst to UAC, Hell had created their own slipga...Date:06/11/98
Size:939.2 KB
Author:Matt Tropiano

Down the Drain
Down the Drain is 32 vanilla maps for Doom 2 and is my take on a Hell on Earth replacement with no added assets except midis that I like and bad menu gfx. Difficulty settings, coop, and deathmatch are implemented. DRN_MUS.wad contains new midis; y...Date:12/04/21
Size:1.19 MB

E.M.'s 10 Monster Pack
I got the inspiration to create this after playing the 10 Monsters wad by joe-ilya. It's pretty self-explanatory. Each map has exactly 10 monsters. This was a pretty fun project for me because it encouraged me to actually think about monster placemen...Date:04/21/22
Size:254.52 KB

All levels are designed for vanilla Doom2. Recommended engines: prBoom-plus with "-complevel 2" and (G)ZDoom in "DOOM (strict)" compatibility mode. Jumping should be disabled. For OpenGL ports like GZDoom and GLBoom-Plus you can add EPIC2GL.WAD ...Date:11/25/10
Size:16.49 MB
Author:Alexander "Eternal" S.

FBK 2018
32 Maps Created by Kris Occhipinti....Date:01/15/19
Size:3.26 MB
Author:Kris Occhipinti

A 21st century DooM 2 episode that is big, innovative, good-looking, and of course, HARD! This wad features desert and mountain levels, and there are plenty of levels beside the sea. There are also city levels and hi-tech levels. But - every style is...Date:04/17/11
Size:3.33 MB
Author:Stephen Clark (The Ultimate DooMer)

Garrulismo (spanish slang that I can't translate to english)
A complete episode for Doom2, with all 32 maps replaced... I think that these are quality levels: cool architecture, good light effects, studied use of textures... And I hope, with a exciting gameplay! The two guys that appears in the main screen are...Date:02/01/04
Size:2.28 MB
Author:Eye del Cul

Here's a wad that I've been working on since February 2020. It was essentially completed back in October of that year, but I procrastinated and didn't bother to upload it to idgames until now. This wad is called GOTTAGOFAST. My goal with this proje...Date:05/30/21
Size:1.17 MB

Grim Ripper
A set of 15 maps designed to be played as an episode (i.e. not a pistol start for each). The author suggests skipping the first three levels and considers 06-15 to be his best work. See the original text-file (included here as !grimripper_eng.TXT) fo...Date:12/02/05
Size:639.99 KB
Author:Jaromir Bergmann

Before you even start the game, look at the text file MISSION.TXT. That will give you your mission objectives. I suggest you PRINT that text file. That file is very important in the episode I made you, it can also make sure you know what to ...Date:08/25/96
Size:945.2 KB
Author:Nathaniel Carll

Heroes 2
Size:2.51 MB

Hell on Earth: Super Tiny Edition
A super short megawad where I recreate Hell on Earth into tiny playable 64x64 playable area however there are still monsters outside the playable space to kill ya....Date:01/02/18
Size:55.11 KB

Hell Revealations
After 20 years, Hell Revealed is finally Back! Hell Revealations is a full-length megawad (33 maps + 11 bonus) created by The SLOTTER Team led by Arsinikk. Acting as a successor to the infamous "Hell Revealed" and "Hell Revealed II" megawads, Hell ...Date:11/19/23
Size:20.65 MB
Author:Arsinikk and the SLOTTER Team

Illuminatus v1.1.4
This is my first megawad Illuminatus. It took me a while to get the full version out due to problems with the beta testing as well as some personal things, but now I finally got the full official version out. I did release a beta of the Doom WAD, but...Date:08/06/17
Size:4.18 MB
Author:Cory Scott (NiTROACTiVE)

Interception is a vanilla-compatible megawad for DOOM II. In the far distant future, you are part of a team of marines, who are sent a distress signal from an archaeology site. Once you arrive, the rest of your team is killed by some nasty hell ...Date:01/16/13
Size:3.84 MB
Author:The Interceptors

Invasion II v.1.0b
This is sorta a BETA version of Invasion II, the next version will be called Invasion 98 (for TeamTNT's BOOM engine). And I will make a full attempt to kill ALL the bugs. Which should't be that hard, anyway....Date:03/15/98
Size:3.38 MB
Author:Paul Fleschute

JOW: Jason Wainman's 30 Levels of Doom II
These levels, which were the results of four months of work from October 1995 to January 1996, are some of the hardest ones you'll ever experience. However, I did notice a few things that I felt needed improvement. I made the textures more realisti...Date:10/23/98
Size:1.02 MB
Author:Jason Wainman

Size:1.38 MB
Author:unknown! (no txt file)

Knee-Deep in KDiZD
Your name is Doom Guy, an actor. You've been cast in a cable TV reenactment of 2007's "Knee-Deep In ZDoom". You were never much of a history buff, but it'll put food on the table and help cover Daisy's vet bills. Maybe it'll even revive your acting c...Date:04/16/23
Size:13.73 MB
Author:Esselfortium & KDiKDiZD team

Khorus' Speedy Shit
A vanilla megawad for Doom 2 containing 32 short, chaotic and challenging maps. The wad's premise was to create at least one speedmap a day. There was no set time limit, times ranged from 1.5 to 3.5 hours. Don't let the word "speedmap" scare you off ...Date:11/29/11
Size:1.11 MB
Author:Adam "Khorus" Woodmansey

Kama Sutra
Heh..we made 32 maps, finally, so you all "HR-skilled" players let's go and beat them :-)...Date:03/09/05
Size:4.78 MB
Author:Adolf "Gusta" Vojta, Jakub "_Method_" Razak

The Long Trek Back Home v. 1.1
Presented as an immediate sequel to Doom ][, The Long Trek Back Home sees you through the old levels in reverse order; Icon of Sin is the first and Entryway the last. Though the respective areas are familiar, great upheavals have taken place: de...Date:09/30/21
Size:3.54 MB

Mano Laikas: A road to Gamzatti
Well, I'm back. I thought Erkatte was my last shot but I wanted to make more maps so here we are. Mano Laikas is a full "classic" Doom2 megawad. Aesthetics are pretty simple, the themes vary from E1, E2, alpha and what I call "heteroclites" and my...Date:02/27/16
Size:3.53 MB
Author:Nicolas Monti

You are a Martian terraformer stuck in a small station in the middle of nowhere. Since the beginning of the terraforming project, the United Organizations of Earth have been threatening to take over. Recent events have prompted an invasion from Ear...Date:07/12/09
Size:4.23 MB
Author:Nathan Lineback

Mini-level megawad
A megawad which was 95% finished two years ago. Never got around to adding the final touches until now. The levels are relatively small, hence the name. Other than that, there's no link between them. Some are horrible, some are good. I had planned to...Date:08/25/09
Size:1.33 MB
Author:Wim Vanrie

RAY MOHAWK 2: Ray Wreaks Havoc! 20 Vanilla Maps (v1.4 OMEGA FIX)
Ray is BACK and ready for more vanilla-compatible action in the tropics! This is a community project and sequel to my older wad, Ray Mohawk's Manic Monday. --- STORY: A year has passed since Ray successfully destroyed the UAC and several of...Date:12/14/21
Size:6.68 MB
Author:Doomkid & Co.

NJ Doom2
Olde replacement for Doom2. Released purely because of interest in old, cheesy 1994 WADS. This is not the first version of this file. It may be based on an early revision but this one has been "legalised" by removing maps 31 and 32 which were just ...Date:04/05/06
Size:1.54 MB
Author:Nigel "Enjay" Rowand

NoisyDiarrhea [Vanilla Speed-Megawad (32 maps)] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NoisyDiarrhea is a 32 Map speed megawad made for the 2018 NaNoWADMo challenge, a trial held last November to generate a ...Date:08/31/19
Size:654.91 KB

OOPS: All TechBase
Size:3.99 MB
Author:Various (see credits)

I threw this together in a few hours one afternoon as there were not enough simple arena megawads for dubzzz to run for hitting the magical 1k demos and it was getting towards the end of the year...Date:11/25/22
Size:18.02 KB

Size:1.82 MB
Author:See list below

PIR2 is 32 levels designed specifically for co-op play with my grandson. The levels are all fairly small, and packed with as much health, ammo and monsters as I could cram in. It gets boring running around in the dark trying to figure out the maze wh...Date:04/15/14
Size:1.33 MB
Author:Bill Parker, Parker Information Resources

Pizza Steve
32 Doom2 Levels....Date:01/05/17
Size:2.9 MB
Author:Fernando Sanchez M.

Plutonia 2
An add-on sequel for Final DOOM's "The Plutonia Experiment". It emulates Plutonia's design and gameplay styles and follows from where it left off....Date:12/31/08
Size:5.13 MB
Author:Plutonia 2 team

Size:466.21 KB
Author:Craig Gregory

Project X
32 new levels for Doom][(see P-XMAN.TXT for more). Not just shoot 'em up, not just puzzle solving. Two levels even make you search for something before you can exit....Date:04/24/98
Size:1.03 MB

Project Unity
Project Unity is a 32 map megawad brought to you by some newer mappers, and some more experienced mappers to rip and tear your way through, and was designed to be fully optimized for the Unity port! These maps are absolutely brutal on UV+, so good...Date:04/12/21
Size:3.02 MB
Author:Console Doom Speedrunning Dev Team

Project X Demos
This demo pack for Project X shows you(hopefully)just how to get past each map of Project X. Of course, this isn't too tough a megawad to beat, but this will show you where numerous amounts of the secrets are (keep in mind, many levels do not ...Date:06/06/98
Size:218.2 KB

Project X Dehacked patch
Okay, if you have Project X(and I thank you for having it BTW), you might have noticed that a few things don't make sense. Mainly the intermission screens(like before level 7)and the names of the levels in map mode. Well, this slowly began ...Date:05/09/98
Size:55.41 KB

Project Space
The Story: You are landing on a new planet and you find out that there is something wrong ... So let as look....Date:07/06/98
Size:1.89 MB
Author:Robert Juhl

Nothing worth taking seriously. This is like one of those WADs that are actually old but get posted on the idgames database. If you like '94-type levels, you may enjoy this. Good for IDCLEV-ing....Date:07/28/16
Size:1.29 MB
Author:Michael Jan Krizik (valkiriforce)

The Rebirth
Total Conversation for Doom2, replaces all of the 32 Maps...Date:07/28/03
Size:4.73 MB
Author:Bobjet (Bjrn Ostmann)

This WAD file contains 4 modified levels from the original REQUIEM.WAD, which fix errors found in the levels while playing Deathmatch. First off, let me just say that in my opinion Requiem is the best compilation of levels ever made for Doom I...Date:08/13/97
Size:352.47 KB

Requiem Help demoset
It's finished! (already :) This collection took me nine days to do from the tenth of January, and on the eighteenth, I really pushed the gas pedal on 'em, as I did them from 15 to 26 on that day (I don't have much to do in general, just editing, p...Date:01/21/00
Size:78.54 KB

Welcome to the Doom2 Requiem...Date:07/04/97
Size:3.8 MB

Requiem - complete lmp collection
Recorded by Istvan Pataki, Jason Henry, Kai-Uwe Humpert, Peo Sjoblom and Yonatan Donner. This is a collection of recorded demos (lmps) for all 32 levels of Requiem All lmps were recorded on skill 4 (Ultra-Violence), ending with at least 100% ...Date:07/26/97
Size:482.93 KB

Start with REQINFO.BAT or via RUN from Windows95 Remember, its a windows-program !...Date:07/04/97
Size:1.05 MB
Author:The REQUIEM Team

The last Revenger
Single player DOOM II levels...Date:07/23/11
Size:4.87 MB
Author: 窮 (Oleg Puchkov)

A brand new, 32-level megawad for Vanilla Doom 2.exe. Inspired from and made in the style of 90's megawads....Date:11/15/11
Size:4.05 MB
Author:Michael Jan Krizik

Realm of Chaos
This 32-level Doom2 WAD is the first (and only) Mac-made conversion WAD....Date:12/19/99
Size:1.57 MB
Author:The MacIntosh Team (TMT)

New Requiem UV Demoset
Recorded by Rudy Jurjako, Adam Hegyi, Chrozoron, Mike "Prower" Reid and Adam Williamson. This is a collection of UV demos for Requiem with 100% (or higher) kills and max secrets (100% sometimes not possible). To view them, unzip the demos to ...Date:01/29/99
Size:348.72 KB

Rowdy Rudy II: POWERTRIP! 20 Vanilla Maps
Rowdy Rudy is back and he's madder than ever! THE BACKSTORY: 8 months have passed since Rudy took out the evil cult known as the Protectors, avenged his brother and saved his home city. Impressed by his efforts, many different entities reached ou...Date:11/08/20
Size:6.27 MB
Author:Doomkid & Co

Scientist 2
Made for "vanilla" doom2.exe and includes: -20 single player maps (map01 upto 20 = all 11 maps from sci.wad + 9 new maps), -10 bonus deathmatch maps (map21-30) -some new textures and sprites including some weapons and a renewed scientist sprite....Date:10/15/05
Size:4.08 MB

A 32 level megawad for doom2. This megawad doesn't have perfect texture alignment, insane detail and fantasticly hard gameplay. Instead it focuses on small fun maps to blast through without much thought about defense. The difficulty rises steadily as...Date:04/10/03
Size:1.99 MB
Author:Erik Alm, with guest mapper Kim "Torn" Bach

Doom 2 in a Nutshell
Size:1.44 MB
Author:Invertcube and dpImagine

Short Maps for Short People 3
SMFSP 3 is a megawad of 33 speedmaps made in 10-15 minutes. Skies are from Hell Revealed. Map 27 music is "FreightHoppers" by James Paddock. Map 06 and 33 are by Datacore. The rest are mine....Date:04/24/21
Size:621.69 KB

theSpawnSQwads [Final Cut]
32 DOOM2 formerly DM oriented levels converted to SP use by the addition of a most unwelcomed guest. Quite violent at times....Date:05/18/99
Size:602.5 KB
Author:many - see below* [all maps used with permission]

The SpawnSQwad 2000
32 smallish levels of DOOM2 mayhem, each with one of those...Date:10/10/00
Size:560.45 KB
Author:[s]: many - see list below

A 32 level compilation of most every DOOM2 map I have made myself,...Date:05/28/99
Size:835.19 KB
Author:[s]: various - see below [all modified WADs used with author consent]

Stone Stratagems v1
20 levels: Some short, some deadly, most with stone-like textures, and each with midis from Doom, Doom 2, Requiem, Momento Mori 2, etc. (Look under "Level Information" for more info) Be sure to look for the "inspiration points" in certain maps....Date:04/12/09
Size:1 MB
Author:Alias Zeratul 982

STRAIN 1.0 (repackaged edition)
This is a reupload of the legendary 1997 total conversion STRAIN to repackage it in a manner suitable for modern users. The original version uploaded to /idgames on Sept...Date:06/24/15
Size:9.4 MB
Author:Alpha Dog Alliance

STRAIN is THE largest DOOM II Total Conversion. And it's FREE! This is the product of our painstaking effort at a true successor to DOOM II. We hope you'll agree that it is much better than 90% of all those $50 shovelware first person shooters that...Date:09/14/97
Size:4.78 MB
Author:The Alpha Dog Alliance

STRAIN 1.0 DeathMatch Levels
STRAIN DeathMatch levels are specifically designed to use the STRAIN add-on for DOOM II. These levels take special advantage of the tunes, textures, weapons, and even baddies of STRAIN. You should be able to find STRAIN in the same place you found th...Date:09/14/97
Size:215.07 KB
Author:The Alpha Dog Alliance

Strain - complete lmp collection
Recorded by Jason Henry, Michael "Migru" Grube, Kai-Uwe Humpert, Peo Sjoblom and Yonatan Donner. This is a collection of recorded demos (lmps) for all 32 levels of Strain All lmps were recorded on skill 4 (Ultra-Violence), ending with at leas...Date:09/21/97
Size:599.97 KB

Switcheroom 2
The idea here is to take a map from one of the 3 Doom 2 episodes: Maps 1-11 Starport, Maps 12-20 City, Maps 21-30 Hell, & remake the map for another episode....Date:01/01/21
Size:4.14 MB
Author:MAY use the contents of this file as a base for

Synami's Speedmaps
A 19 level wad for DOOM II which contains three episodes, New Earth, Cave & Grimy Tech, each of which are five maps in length. Secret maps are also included. Minimal gameplay changes are also present, such as making the pistol not entirely useless ...Date:11/12/23
Size:1.22 MB
Author:Synami, with guest mapper NiGHTS108

The TechWars
A Tech-styled (mostly) megawad for ZDoom. My first...Date:11/27/06
Size:3.17 MB

Countdown to Extinction
32 maps for vanilla Doom, each one made in one hour over a period of 3 weeks. Bear in mind that all of these maps were designed for pistol start, so be prepared for a rough ride on continuous play....Date:04/30/14
Size:1.11 MB

Modest Mapping 2: Wretched Coven
A few years had come to pass since defeating the renewed Icon of Sin, putting an end to the occupation of Earth. However, a wretched coven comprised of 6 cyberdemons come to light and muster their remaining power to cast a spell to send you into the ...Date:07/18/22
Size:15.09 MB
Author:Jark, Pegleg et al

TNT Goes Boom!
TNT Goes Boom! started off as a personal challenge to create a full 32 map megawad with TNT Evilution aesthetics slapped into each of the map. At one point, I was pretty sure I'd give up easily on this project due to enormous amount of work for a s...Date:10/29/23
Size:2.71 MB
Author:The_SloVinator aka DooMinator

TNT: Revilution
TNT: Revilution is a fan made community project that acts as a sequel to TeamTNT's Evilution. The goal of this project was to capture the spirit of what made Evilution so great, while at the same time bringing the quality of the visuals & game play u...Date:05/29/17
Size:8.31 MB
Author:Various, see below.

Sequel to TOONS FOR DOOM. More latter....Date:10/09/00
Size:2.62 MB
Author:David (Pepe) Hopkins 2

Size:711.98 KB
Author:/ BUILDER Thomas van der Velden (aka T.V.)

REVOLUTION! is an unofficial add-on for id Softwares DOOM2 It offers 32 NEW levels with lots of new textures, sprites and flats....Date:01/18/03
Size:2.21 MB
Author:Thomas van der Velden

The Twilight Zone (version 5 released to ftp)
32 all new classic levels for Doom 2. The twilight zone dosen't really have a story to it. The Twilight Zone was finished in Janurary 1998 where Level 17 and 18 were Crossing Acheron and Dante's gate. But I did a new level 17 and 18 myself so Dr Slee...Date:12/02/98
Size:1.31 MB
Author:Paul Corfiatis

UnNecessary: 30 Days, 32 Maps, Zero Texture Alignment; or, UnAligned 2: A WAD No One Asked For
The highly UnAnticipated sequel to 2016s highly UnDerwhelming UnAligned! 32 bigger, badder, and even more bizarre maps for vanilla Doom II....Date:01/31/18
Size:814.03 KB

Unholy Realms
32 new limit-removing maps created by one author (and 5 guest mappers). Gameplay-oriented. See urinfo.txt for more info....Date:12/15/13
Size:8.86 MB
Author:Brian Knox

You need Plutonia IWAD for this. Plot: Urania - a planet that suddenly appeared in the solar system. Many years ago there lived advanced civilizations, and now it is teeming with monsters. You were sent to Urania as part of the international battalio...Date:08/02/16
Size:3.74 MB

v64 - Version 1.4.1
Welcome to v64, a vanilla-compatible community mapset inspired by dotQLL's GADOLINIUM, where maps don't exceed the limit of 64 vertices. This WAD is built with singleplayer in mind, but co-op and deathmatch are supported. A bonus episode can be s...Date:06/11/22
Size:705.33 KB
Author:Various (See v64_credits.txt)

Vigor is a vanilla compatible megawad with a focus on fast and frantic gameplay. Inspired by E.M's "Gotta Go Fast," Vigor is Scythe styled by design, a good number of the maps on display were made within a short period of time and feature tight, punc...Date:03/13/22
Size:1.94 MB
Author:Bobby (lolmcswagger), DCG Retrowave, Egg Boy, Juza, mxbobbie49, Skronkidonk, T.WILL, ZeMystic

A collection of fast, fun old-school maps with varying difficulty levels....Date:03/22/16
Size:1.12 MB
Author:Michael Jan Krizik (valkiriforce)

This is megawad (32 levels) with common story for all its levels. You are the warrior who fights and passes all levels step by step, combat after combat. Every next level starts where you've finished the previous. : Read "The Story So Far" section be...Date:10/29/23
Size:2.1 MB
Author:Ilya N. Pashchenko

At last I am done with my first and last MegaWad. After years of building. But I admit I haven't dedicated my entire life to Doom.....:) If I had I would probably had launched the wad much earlier in my dooming career. By the way I havn't in...Date:11/19/00
Size:2.16 MB
Author:Morten Stromsvold (

Zone 300
A 32 level megawad of small maps for Doom 2. Your mission is simple. Blast you way through techbases, dungeons and hellish abodes and save Earth from extinction. These maps contain no more than 300 linedefs apart from the much larger super secret lev...Date:10/06/13
Size:904.46 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis (Pcorf)

Zone 400
A 32 level megawad of small maps for Doom 2. Your mission is simple. Blast you way through techbases, spaceships, dungeons and hellish abodes and save Earth from a demonic pandemic. These maps contain no more than 400 linedefs apart from the much lar...Date:07/20/21
Size:1.66 MB
Author:Paul Corfiatis (Pcorf)

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