Title: Three's A Crowd (v1.1.1)
Filename: levels/doom2/megawads/3iac.zip
Size: 2.81 MB
Date: 09/26/20
Author: Scypek2
Description: A vanilla-compatible mapset created for NaNoWadMo 2019. It tells the story of three people and the different challenges they face trying to survive and save each other after the research facility they're stationed at is struck by a hellish invasion...
Credits: Crunchynut44 - music for MAP02 to MAP09. Doomkid - music for MAP20 to MAP27. Bobby Prince - the three songs taken from Doom Ribbiks - every other bit of music

P41R47 - status bar graphic 129th Visplane, Torridgristle and ChaingunnerX - stuff I used for SKY1 ChaingunnerX - SKY2 Valkiriforce - SKY3 MTX1996 - chandelier and wooden railing graphic osjclatchford - grass and hedge graphics Doom_Dude - red demon face texture Solmyr - techbase exit door Earthquake - urban exit door Eradrop - red mountain sky I used to make BOSSBACK

Joe-Ilya - playtesting and finding most of the bugs fixed in v1.1 Scwiba - pre-release playtesting, and making NaNoWadMo happen!
Base: New from scratch
Build time: One month... and then some.
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder X, Slade 3, Paint.NET, demopadr.exe
Bugs: Drawseg overflows on a few maps.
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