Filename: levels/doom2/megawads/abyss24a.zip
Size: 1.72 MB
Date: 09/01/15
Author: H2SO4 & MrElusive
Description: Who cares about some corny story line, who reads it anyway but the geeks who write it. SCREW IT!! Just play the f#%$&&*! thing. These are still the best maps ever made...4 DOOM.
Credits: id Software!
Base: New maps from scratch!
Build time: More than we'd like to admit, less than we should have.
Editor(s) used: DEU51, DEU52, DEU2, DEU2C, WADED, BSP, DMGRAPH, T-DRAW, DPE II, ALCHEMY, GWS, VistaPro 3, NWT, DMapEdit
Bugs: None, as far as we know. (Like you're gonna play this PWAD if you knew it has bugs ;-) )
Rating: (22 votes)
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