Title: ARCADE ( A TributE To ArcadE GameS )
Filename: levels/doom2/megawads/arcade.zip
Size: 466.2 KB
Date: 07/08/01
Author: Kim Vidal
E-mail: ximple@hotmail.com
Description: 30 levels of pure carnage. No mazes. Play it!
Credits: MAPS: From scratch by Kim Vidal. TEXTURES: Converted directly from QUAKE 3 ARENA by Kim Vidal. SOUNDS: QUAKE 3 ARENA sounds taken from DM_DN03.WAD ( Deadnail ). IDEA: Inspired by PHTGA.WAD ( Wim Vanrie ). MUSIC: From Space Manbow (MSX), Resident Evil (N64), Cybernoid 2 (Amiga), Soul Calibur (Dreamcast). Midis taken from Internet.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: ?
Editor(s) used: DCK
Bugs: None detected
Rating: (77 votes)
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