Title: Cyberdreams
Filename: levels/doom2/megawads/cydreams.zip
Size: 917.58 KB
Date: 04/17/98
Author: Gonzalo Pérez de la Ossa (Barcelona), Albert Valls (Barcelona)
Description: Well, and now the key question: WHAT IS CYBERDREAMS? In our opinion, we consider that Cyberdreams can be described, first, as a pile of Doom levels in which the point is killing Cyberdemons in several ways and situations. But if you have been playing Doom for a long time and have tried the different playing modes (solo, deathmatch and ctf - who the hell plays cooperative?), after finishing Cyberdreams maybe you'll have the sensation that this is a different way of playing Doom in which you probably never thought before.

Killing a Cyber never was so difficult in the original game: you had a lot of weapons and ammunitions to fulminate them in a second. The difference in Cyberdreams is that your only "weapons" will be your movements, your strategy and a bit of your imagination. The only real weapon that you'll be able to use (and just in a few maps) will be the pistol. And not for killing a Cyber, but for doing other things (anyway, killing a Cyber with the pistol seems completely ridiculous and boring...).

You'll find while playing Cyberdreams that in some levels you can exit without killing all the Cybers. We really tried to avoid it, but in some cases it seems impossible, because of the design of the level. At least for us it's clearly obvious that the REAL point of each map is kill them all before exiting. Think about it.

We think the best way to realize what Cyberdreams is is to start trying it. And if you get interested in the first levels, you'll probably enjoy the rest of them, which become more attractive and complex. The ambientation of the maps is in most of the cases simple and accurate as well. We have been designing Doom levels for more than a year and a half and we almost have imagined everything that can be done using Doom editors. We got tired a long time ago of seeing the same kind of maps with the same kind of structures. In general, people have forgotten that risk can be one of the best tools while designing. In Cyberdreams levels there is a bit of that risk, and a bit of our experience. All we can say is that we tried to make the detailing and the texture alignments in an almost perfect way. For the rest of the things, the veredict belongs to you. We'll surely respect your opinion, but first... please take a look at the whole adventure.

One last thing: the Dehacked modifications refer only to text sequences, weapons, ammunitions and cheat codes. The behaviour of Cyberdemons and the rest of the things KEEPS BEING THE SAME as in the original Doom. Maybe YOUR behaviour won't be the same after playing this adventure, but...

So that's the story. As simple as it seems. We're dying to see what's your opinion about Cyberdreams. Just remember that there is more information in this text file that can be interesting for you while (or even after) playing it. Thank you and good luck.
Credits: id, for their everlasting DOOM.
Ben Morris, for DCK
TiC, for NWT
Olivier Montanuy, for Wintex
JASC Inc. ,for PSP
Zink The Dink, for Endoomer
Greg Lewis, for Dehacked
Our patient playtesters: Albert, Marc, Roger.
Possibly you, if you recognize some graphic of yours into this file. Thanks.
Base: Levels from scratch (more than ever).
Build time: September '97 / March '98
Editor(s) used: DCK v3.61
Wintex v4.3
Dehacked v3.0a
NWT v1.3
Paint Shop Pro v3.0
Endoomer v1.0.1
Bugs: We hope everything is working right, but in case you detect some strange thing, please read 'The behaviour of Cyberdreams' (below). About conventional bugs, we have detected a couple of HOM in maps 8 and 29. Actually we don't give a shit about the one in level 29. The map is so amazing that probably you will not look for it...
Oh, and don't try to save in map 30, or the game will crash. Again, we know the reason, but we can't tell you more...
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