Title: Grim Ripper
Filename: levels/doom2/megawads/grimripp.zip
Size: 639.99 KB
Date: 12/02/05
Author: Jaromir Bergmann
E-mail: jardomir.b@seznam.cz
Description: A set of 15 maps designed to be played as an episode (i.e. not a pistol start for each). The author suggests skipping the first three levels and considers 06-15 to be his best work. See the original text-file (included here as !grimripper_eng.TXT) for more information.

Note that the batch files referred to in the original text-file are not included here, as their purpose was to load 15 separate wads simultaneously. For the user's convenience, I have combined these 15 maps and 1 demo (all unaltered) into a single wad using Wintex.
Base: New levels from scratch.
Build time: about 20 h and more of my life/ 1 levl i guess :(
Editor(s) used: DEU 2
Bugs: small HOMs (halls of mirrors) map 08 at the end map 13 at the beginnig low memory -> i was not able to fix these
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It has its good points, but parts of it just don't work so well as they should. Its not the greatest that's for sure. On the first level when you pick up the armor, the lift falls and you're stuck in that area-that was an unfair design cue.x
Do yourself a favor and skip the first four levels of this wad as they consist of nothing but countless, underdetailed hallways and boring rooms. The following eleven maps are slightly better and might be fun to play if you are really, really bored or if you like 94 styled wads. Avoid if none of that applies to you. 1/5x
its not thaat ugly, infact its prity fun, 4/5 x
Looks quite ugly, but it has some nice moments. Gameplay is more or less okay. Overall it isnt anything special. 3/5 - Damnedx
If not for first few levels, it plays great. Some later maps look fine. Download recommended. JB PS: thanx to Graham for uploading!x
15 mostly very good maps.x
Ewwww looks as bad or worse than the original downtown from Doom2x

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