Title: Hell Revealations
Filename: levels/doom2/megawads/hrs.zip
Size: 20.65 MB
Date: 11/19/23
Author: Arsinikk and the SLOTTER Team
Description: After 20 years, Hell Revealed is finally Back!

Hell Revealations is a full-length megawad (33 maps + 11 bonus) created by The SLOTTER Team led by Arsinikk. Acting as a successor to the infamous "Hell Revealed" and "Hell Revealed II" megawads, Hell Revealations does not mess around when it comes to its difficulty. This megawad is hard and relentless, so I hope you packed an extra BFG!

The soundtrack is comprised between "Hell Revealed II" metal-style tracks and Lee Jackson's "Rise of the Triad" midis. There may be an original bespoke soundtrack coming in the near future...

The megawad targets Vanilla Doom (complevel 2), but we suggest playing in a port that increases the sprite limit, as many of the maps exceed the limit (just like its Hell Revealed precursors).

All maps were designed with pistol start in mind, though continuous play is perfectly fine. All difficulties have been implemented on every map including cooperative (with extra monsters and items) as well as full Deathmatch support for the main WAD (HRs.wad).

SLOTTER team mappers: Arsinikk, SilverMiner, Synami, IvanDobsky, Blue Phoenix, Rivi the Warlock, PRO-RC, SuperPecanMan, Roofi, cannonball, tonytheparrot, spineapple tea, galileo31dos01, Pottus, Cacodemon187, Large Cat, Christophine Place, NinjaDelphox, finnks13, Monsieur. E, Andrea Rovenski, NiGHTS108, and Arrowhead.

===========!!! IMPORTANT - PLEASE NOTE !!!=========== Do NOT load both HRs.wad and HRsBonus.wad together. Both WADs are standalone and use different resources.

v1.1 comes with a hotfix that fixes some out-of-bounds Hell Knights in MAP20 that would never wake up in ITYTD and HNTR.
Credits: - Additional textures and flats from Hell Revealed I and II - Minor additional textures/flats from CC4-TEX, Quake III
Base: New from scratch
Build time: Eight months
Editor(s) used: Ultimate Doom Builder, Slade3, Adobe Photoshop, WhackEd4, Dehacked, eevee Doom Text Generator, GameMaker (Infopack)
Bugs: - Sprite flickering will happen. Use a limit-removing port. - The beginning of MAP15 may have some hitscan attacks blocked by an "invisible wall". This is a vanilla bug that results from large open maps. - The final room of MAP24 may look a little strange in DSDA Doom's OpenGL Indexed Renderer. - The loot room (box room) in MAP25 will not look as nice in OpenGL due to purposeful midtexture bleeds. - The top of chessboard in MAP29 will HOM in DSDA Doom s OpenGL Indexed Renderer. - Let us know if you come across any bugs in any of the maps.
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