Title: The Long Trek Back Home v. 1.1
Filename: levels/doom2/megawads/longtrek.zip
Size: 3.54 MB
Date: 09/30/21
Author: hervoheebo
Description: Presented as an immediate sequel to Doom ][, The Long Trek Back Home sees you through the old levels in reverse order; Icon of Sin is the first and Entryway the last. Though the respective areas are familiar, great upheavals have taken place: destruction and Hellish subversion ensure that there is as much new as there is old. From the caved-in ruins of Hell to the corrupted cityscape to the former spaceport suffused in demonic magic, the road home is long...

This is the updated version 1.1, for details please read the included text file LONGTUPD.txt.

LongTrek is a new 32 level megawad for DOOM ][. It is designed to be 100% vanilla compatible and balanced for pistol start. As described, the new levels are themed after their predecessors from D2, with a major exception being that you begin from the end and finish where it all started. This applies to the individual levels as well: the former starting room is now the goal and the exit is where you now begin. The style can be compared to that of "Deimos Deja Vu", but the individual areas are now a bit more accurate in terms of their relative positions with each other. Overall, hard and fast rules are shunned and the goal is to provide new experiences that pay tribute to the original levels in different ways.

Almost all music tracks from D2 are updated to fit each individual level's mood, so even what were duplicate tracks in the original game now sound different.

While there are some new graphics like the title screen and intermission screen, there are NO new walls or flats aside from the 3 new skies in order to retain the look & feel of DOOM ][.

There is a Dehacked patch file included, which changes the automap names, story text and changes the flags of a few gib things so they don't float in the air (thanks to Keyboard_Doomer for the tip).

The skill levels are overhauled. UV is still the same and considered the default skill level. HMP is otherwise the exact same, but has more ammo items, while HNTR has extra health items. Because of the hard-coded increase in Spawn Cube fire rate that HNTR and ITYTD have, relevant areas are slightly more difficult in those skill levels. If the amount of health or ammo is unpleasantly low, please give the new skill levels a try. The level of difficulty expects that you are reasonably proficient in Doom, having at least finished the original D2 first. Also, like mentioned, the levels are balanced for pistol start.

Multiplayer support is included, with co-op and DM starts and multiplayer- only items plus countermeasures against getting stuck because of level gimmicks. However, multiplayer has not been tested extensively.

I recommend the wad be played with software rendering as the visuals are built around the default palette and lighting levels. The wad has been tested with the usual rules: no vertical mouselook, auto aim on, infinitely tall monsters, limit on Pain Elemental souls. As for music, "Arachno Soundfont" works very nicely, and for a more lo-fi sound "hisymak_genmidi_2017-11-29.wad" works fine.
Credits: Testing Participation: Keyboard_Doomer, Hisymak,
Base: New from scratch
Build time: Long
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder 2, Anvil Studio, GIMP, SLADE, Endoomer, WhackEd4
Bugs: Refer to above list under "Description"
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