Title: Requiem Help demoset
Filename: levels/doom2/megawads/reqhelp.zip
Size: 78.54 KB
Date: 01/21/00
Description: It's finished! (already :) This collection took me nine days to do from the tenth of January, and on the eighteenth, I really pushed the gas pedal on 'em, as I did them from 15 to 26 on that day (I don't have much to do in general, just editing, playing Requiem and STRAIN and before the 20th, these demos :)

These demos are recorded with skill 5, no monsters. They basically show the quickest way to complete the various levels in Requiem with 100% secrets. Note that these should be played with my Requiem patch WAD, available at http://www.geocities.com/metabolist/. Without it, the Map12 demo and others will desynch.

There is no Map07 or Map30 demo in this pack for a reason; the completion of these maps requires monsters to be killed - IWC Map07 is impossible to make a demo for, as it has 666 and 667 tags in it, and Map30 I originially though of recording and I did, but it was no help really as it is a very easy map and what's more I procrastinated on it. In Map15, I leave through the secret exit.

To run these demos, type REQHELP followed by the map number (01-32). This will run DooM2.exe in the current path. This needs my patch, BTW. The patch is too large for a reasonably-sized archive.

For those who have batchfilephobia, this command is required to run the demos:


where ?? is the level number.

Check the batch file if you want, there's no danger in it. I am not a fantastic player, so I sometimes snag on things like bars or rails around the maps. I am never stuck for long though, so that's alright really.
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