Title: New Requiem UV Demoset
Filename: levels/doom2/megawads/rquvlmp2.zip
Size: 348.72 KB
Date: 01/29/99
Description: Recorded by Rudy Jurjako, Adam Hegyi, Chrozoron, Mike "Prower" Reid and Adam Williamson.

This is a collection of UV demos for Requiem with 100% (or higher) kills and max secrets (100% sometimes not possible). To view them, unzip the demos to your Doom2 directory and type doom2 -file requiem.wad reqmus.wad -playdemo rxx.lmp (where XX is the level number). If the Requiem wads are in a subdirectory, obviously put it in the command line. For MAP30, use -playdemo r30x, where x is a, b or c depending on which demo you want to see - see after the times table for an explanation.
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