Title: Doom 2 in a Nutshell
Filename: levels/doom2/megawads/smdoom2c.zip
Size: 1.44 MB
Date: 06/25/13
Author: Invertcube and dpImagine
E-mail: dpimagineit@gmail.com
Credits: Doom World, ID Software (duh), and CodeImp, the creator of the increadibly user friendly Doom Builder 2.
Base: New from scratch -we swear (closly based on the original Doom 2 levels) Everything was drawn from scratch and if any copy/pasting from the original maps was done ever, it was Vertices or Things only. But that was rare.
Build time: 10/2009 - 6/2013
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder 2
Bugs: Our custom teleport "flats" are a bit buggy in Chocolate Doom but we made sure they would not crash it. This limitation is why the teleports are so inconsistant. Also the Doomsday port shows where there are no textures.
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