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The painful castle of horror
Welcome to the painful castle of horror. This level will be played at best for multiplayer game and single player. Deathmatch is possible, of course, but this level is not concepted for this....Date:09/12/95
Size:97.64 KB
Author:Gereon P.J. Meuser 26 year old student of chemistry. I love playing soccer, computer and my wife and

Packing Station
Another small map, featuring another undefined techbase with some hell meat goodness at the end. Vaguely trying to be in line with the original doom in difficulty....Date:05/17/23
Size:26.04 KB

Paddock (paddock.wad) + (ship.wad)
Two deathmatch wads, also playable as single player...Date:04/22/05
Size:52.53 KB
Author:Rand Smith

Single and coop wad for Doom2....Date:04/16/97
Size:610.06 KB

Pagan's Run
The idea is to keep running and try to make it to the end without dying. The DOOM equivalent of an arcade game, perhaps, and is deliberately tough. Saving is NOT allowed....Date:12/02/05
Size:152.88 KB
Author:Andrew Apted

Pagodia is a vanilla compatible episode for Doom 2 featuring varied, japan-inspired settings. The wad is split into 3 distinct episodes: Village, Techno-shrine, and Cyberpunk City....Date:05/23/22
Size:4.44 MB
Author:Aurelius, Bobby, Egg Boy, Juza, Skronkidonk, T.WILL, ZeMystic

Escape from Pittston Area
"New" level for DOOM2. Runs on DOOM 95, haven't tried any earlier versions. It's a big and detailed level. Best played as death match. (I remembered the deathmatch starts this time :) (Pentium recommended)...Date:07/26/04
Size:413.79 KB
Author:Michael "Slider"

This patch file is for MAP01, although it is an adventure in itself!. Try it at first on ultra-violence without the map or any cheats. It's my first DooM II level... lots of bad guys, a few tricks and some nasty surprises. Have fun!...Date:08/22/05
Size:24.1 KB
Author:Alan P Tye

Friendly Pain Elemental
A small experiment level, the first of its kind (as far as I know). In vanilla Doom, there's a limit to 21 lost souls, so by trapping them in a room you can make pain elementals harmless. I set out to make a level that required you to protect a pain ...Date:10/13/10
Size:90.03 KB
Author:Brandon Gray

Set of 4 new Doom2 levels... New sounds and also some new graphics... This is release 2 of PAINFUL.WAD....Date:11/22/95
Size:309.8 KB
Author:Matt Hindle (Trigger), and Karl Jackson

Two very short single-player levels centered around the Paingunner, a new dehacked enemy that rapidly fires lost souls. Expect lots of mayhem. You can beat both of these levels in about a minute. TOOLS USED Ultimate Doom Builder, SLADE 3.2.1, & pai...Date:10/18/22
Size:182.59 KB

New map for DOOM II A small to mid sized level intended as both a gut wrenching Single Player or Coop. experience and a great deathmatch battleground. The name comes from the small hill in the center or the outdoor area. I have given great effort i...Date:03/19/95
Size:39.71 KB
Author:Phil Robinson

In your endless fight against the evil hordes from hell, you have been transported to a dreadful maze. Now, find your way out, or DIE !...Date:01/25/99
Size:53.6 KB
Author:Gul Dahre'el

Visit the palace of the evil Baron, its dungeons and torture room. Then go on to a seaside cottage. If, of course, you can manage to get there ... For those that can find them, there are some helpful gifts in several secret rooms. This is a replace...Date:05/02/97
Size:77.65 KB
Author:Bob Ferguson

King's Palace (release 2)
You are in for a nasty surprise!...Date:03/03/14
Size:16.34 KB
Author:Martin Bazley

Every year in Pamplona, American college students get gored while participating in the Running of the Bulls. Don't get gored. Run....Date:04/16/97
Size:45.25 KB
Author:Chris Mead

Every year in Pamplona, American college students get gored while participating in the Running of the Bulls. Don't get gored. Run....Date:04/05/06
Size:50.03 KB
Author:Chris Mead

The original six levels from Moria.wad, out of the 2nd, plus new others....Date:07/23/95
Size:421.36 KB
Author:Paolo de Carolis, Nicola Tracanella and Andrea Tracanella

Pancake Heaven
A quick and simple little map as an antidote to the extensive, detailed, demanding work I just put into Bethlehem. This one features a castle. Have fun dudes....Date:07/16/09
Size:28.88 KB
Author:Chris Wright

Painful Echoes
Size:82.75 KB
Author:Qingshuo Wang (aka piXel reX)

Welcome to Paradise
Watching the T.V. in the comfort of your cell, a news flash breaks. A marriage made in hell, today the wedding of all weddings will take place. The newly engaged Baron couple will tie the knot this afternoon. You can't believe what you've just hear...Date:07/16/03
Size:87.08 KB
Author:Mike Murphy aka (Arch-Vile)

Paranoia 1.2 (for DOOM II)
Size:47.73 KB
Author:Philippe Lafontaine

This is my first (decent and working) level so far....Date:04/23/96
Size:38.66 KB
Author:Darryl Ashton

paradox 9 (DOOM 2 level)
This level is meant to be a deathmatch level, but it can also be used as a "quickie" single player level. In single player mode, it is intended to be quite difficult to finish in ultra- violence, challenging in hurt-me-plenty, and a piece of cake on ...Date:05/22/95
Size:28.37 KB
Author:Eric van Bezooijen

A quicky, lazy map made out of annoyance of having lost a month's worth of work on Under Neith. My first (serious) Doom II map in 6 or 7 years....Date:05/13/04
Size:80.88 KB
Author:Owen "Sarge Baldy" Lloyd

Paradise 4, The Return To Hell
After the mayhem that I was just put through, I could no longer stay in that cell I called a home. All the blood shead, the nightmares still haunted me. I decided to move on and start a life elsewhere. I thought, I could take on just about anything. ...Date:05/12/06
Size:114.37 KB
Author:Mike Murphy aka (Arch-Vile)

The Park V1.0
A large courtyard with gardens at each corner, a monument in the middle, and tunnels and rooms all around it......Date:06/26/96
Size:85.85 KB
Author:John J. Bye (aka Spook)

Size:1.48 MB
Author:Jeffrey J. Martin from the land of the free and the and the home of the brave.

of Game pastime
Size:51.21 KB

Pavera Birthday Jamboree
A short speedmap for Pavera's birthday. (Well, if you consider 4 hours to make this thing speedy :P) I was going to upload it ages ago but had some trouble then forgot about it....Date:12/31/13
Size:26.7 KB

PAZUZU (wings of possession)
PAZUZU-This single mission takes you to a demonic series of underhalls and temples to the evil devil PAZUZU. The entire complex is guarded by some of your most feverish nightmares... Stay alert and work your way thru this unearthly place in search of...Date:05/01/96
Size:218.3 KB
Author:MYSCHA the sled dog T. Elliot Cannon - Architect age 30 (904) 671-7862 voice mail

Practice your Cyberdemon skillz! if you can beat this on UV please send me a .lmp!...Date:01/01/98
Size:31.26 KB
Author:Jesse Myers

Dens of Borsippa
A fairly linear map with medium difficultly (not easy for me but easy for experts). All enemies, ammo health, etc have been calculated on the average amounts in MAP23 of Doom 2, D2twid, TNT Evilution, Plutonia and Icarus.wad. The theme is bricks and ...Date:07/28/17
Size:109.9 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis (Pcorf)

A hellish mid 90s classic style level in the style of The Spirit World and Gate to Limbo. Quite challenging....Date:10/11/06
Size:55.26 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis

The Infested Hideout
A medium difficulty 1990's style map set in a base. The design is linear and inspired by id software's maps with some new elements. The goal is simple. Fight your way out of this base! ... There are also 8 secrets to be found and a bonus map named th...Date:03/10/12
Size:109.82 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis (pcorf)

Size:9.37 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis

Scanning Electron Microscope
A small and easy level for Doom2 containing a Scanning Electron Microscope and some decent fights too. The Microscope is located in a lab down in an underground bunker....Date:01/14/07
Size:49.49 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis

Into Sandy's City
9 levels for Doom2, Sandy Peterson Style....Date:12/02/06
Size:294.42 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis

A challenging map for Doom 2 that contains no health where you must play with 1% health. It can be beaten though, just save often....Date:07/07/19
Size:98.82 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis (Pcorf)

Rarely do you get a wad released that contains only levels using the Doom2 Wolfenstein textures. In my earliest days of WAD Designing I enjoyed making Wolfenstein themed levels but many were not released. But here I bring you exclusive Wolfenstein re...Date:01/03/08
Size:358.75 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis

PC_WOLF, A Wolfenstein classic
A six level Wolfenstein pack for Doom2. It contains 2 of my earlier unreleased Wolfenstein levels and 4 of My younger Brother's best levels. These levels are full of Nazi's health. Nice to get some all new Wolfenstein pumping into Doom2....Date:05/18/99
Size:167.08 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis, Joe Corfiatis

The Low Road
A moderately sized and difficult map set in the 'slums' of the underworld, featuring plenty of brick, marble, and hell. No rocket launcher or BFG. Was initially going to be for the Ruins of Hell project....Date:06/22/10
Size:84.14 KB
Author:Project Dark Fox

Perdition's Gate
Your brother ventured into Hell to save the Earth. Now the military has left him there for dead. For weeks now you've heard your brother in your dreams, calling your name. You know he's ALIVE! Now, against direct orders, you plan a rescue attempt. (S...Date:06/11/03
Size:665.98 KB
Author:Alex Mayberry

Package Distribution Network
Just a small wad with one small level; more levels coming in the following versions....Date:08/22/00
Size:37.22 KB

Teh Pain Emmental
Just play and find out...Date:09/27/03
Size:618.54 KB

This is a huge level with hundreds of monsters. There are 7 Cyberdemons and 3 Spiderboss. I tried to avoid confusion and make some kind of a path for finishing the level (with keys) but I didn't succeed. There are four secrets, a few surprise momen...Date:04/07/97
Size:65.85 KB
Author:Ante Smolcic - Smola

Size:33.09 KB
Author:Larry Rhodes

Single player map for Doom2....Date:03/30/04
Size:94.93 KB
Author:J.S.Graham (aka psyren)

Single player map for Doom2....Date:04/07/04
Size:130.58 KB
Author:J.S.Graham (aka psyren)

Single player map for Doom2....Date:04/11/04
Size:82.64 KB
Author:J.S.Graham (aka psyren)

Lovely fountain and temple to gaze at but can't reach till end. Enter sewer system with surprise crush-o-rama (sound familiar?). Stumble into Lift-o-rama corridors for rockets and another key. Then, finally, on back to courtyards and fountain and Exi...Date:05/12/06
Size:47.99 KB
Author:Peri Strange

Size:83.89 KB
Author:Petr Bartos

PeteDoom Version 1
Just a bit of fun, really. My first attempt. Get ready for some BIG improvements in the next WAD!....Date:05/26/95
Size:43.06 KB
Author:Pete Jones

The Tallman's Domain (v1.0) 5-10-95 (v2.0) 3-20-97
This wad is based on the cult horror movie Phantasm. You are Mike Pearson. And the Tall Man is back. First he took Mom and...Date:03/24/97
Size:1.16 MB
Author:Steve Schulte

The Phantom of the Opera
This level tries to recreate the good atmosphere of the novel, without adding new textures. I know I should have included an Opera feel instead of a cheap cinema, but I lost the first map and didn't want to rework it. There are some tricks in this ...Date:06/27/05
Size:57.25 KB
Author:Carlos Hoyos

Dark and exceedingly detailed, a real death-fest! This one is a la DOOM I....Date:05/08/96
Size:116.67 KB
Author:Brian James Clever

Phil's Infested Compound
A map originaly made for the Plutonia Revisited...Date:01/15/11
Size:116.1 KB

Size:2.94 MB
Author:Kristian "Ebola" Kll

Phobos is a 4 level pwad set under a spectacular Phobos sky with Mars, the Red Planet, looming malevolently on the horizon. It loosely follows the story line of the first 4 Doom I levels but with larger, more spectacular, more challenging levels. Bri...Date:07/24/98
Size:1.02 MB
Author:Roger Ritenour

Size:288.94 KB
Author:Colin Phipps & Robert Phipps

D.S.S. "Phoenix" (a.k.a. 'Doomzaak')
This wadfile is situated at the Delft Student Corps fraternity building D.S.S. "Phoenix". This means EVERYTHING you see exists for real (including the violence)! All Doom graphics have been changed into student fraternity related graphics, like b...Date:11/06/00
Size:845.18 KB
Author:R.L.L. Timmermans

Doom II level based on the original Baltimore Photon, which closed down in 1992. Created this level using the actual building blue-prints, scaled to 16 units per foot. Photon is coming back, with 2 locations opening soon in the Baltimore, MD/Washingt...Date:01/19/96
Size:147.23 KB
Author:Steve Mavronis

Loathsome Cleft
A 7-hour speed map for Obsidian's birthday, mapped entirely on the 32-grid (aside from thing placement) which uses the STONGARG gargoyle patch from Doom, the brown rocks from Quake and a squashed (both vertically and into the palette) version of the ...Date:06/20/14
Size:92.27 KB
Author:James "Phobus" Cresswell

Urban Escape
A 3.5-hour speed map for WildWeasel's birthday which takes you out a "fire escape", let's you leap off of a roof, fight it out in a street segment and then back indoors to an exit. Pretty linear and easy, but that's speed mapping for you!...Date:06/13/14
Size:49.61 KB
Author:James "Phobus" Cresswell

Vast killing ground. Tough, but fair - you'll not want this one if you're a beginner. However for anybody with some hours under their belt, this could be a memorable experience. This level has already been recognized "Wad of The Day" - this version h...Date:10/25/98
Size:127.03 KB
Author:Sparkle Tom

PIK (Please, it kills!)
A weak version of what has yet to come, im going to eventually make all 32 levels, and keep in mind that these short levels will become better and longer. Also, the intentions of these levels is to be clasic gameplay with ALL the tricks in the book (...Date:04/08/01
Size:115.39 KB
Author:Cosmic Wraith a.k.a. JC

Utilizes all three keys, but it is a quite small level. Conserve your health. All weapons are found within. No big architectual wonders, as I kept 2 the basics. If you Deathmatch with this level, make sure you add "-nomonsters" to the command line!...Date:06/30/96
Size:13.09 KB
Author:Chad Raeside

Pinball Dreams
So, you like pinball. What if you were the ball? This wad looks at that possibility with the game area being a pinball table....Date:03/02/97
Size:44.1 KB
Author:William Drummond

Pinball Dreams (revised version)
So, you like pinball. What if you were the ball? This wad looks at that possibility with the game area being a pinball table and sound effects just like a pinball game....Date:03/10/97
Size:76.2 KB
Author:William Drummond (map) John Wolanski (music, sounds & graphic)

PIPELINE.WAD (version 1.0)
PWAD replacing MAP01 for DOOM 2: Hell on Earth...Date:02/22/95
Size:35.51 KB
Author:The Crusader

GREAT LEVEL...Date:12/23/97
Size:27.57 KB
Author:Jose Mancia

The Bleeding Tower Of Pisa
A large new level for Doom 2. E-mail me and tell me what you think....Date:08/15/97
Size:131.19 KB
Author:Michael Reed

Livello per DOOM ][ ambientato in Piazza dei Miracoli a Pisa...Date:07/01/03
Size:123.55 KB
Author:Luca Mugnaini

Pistol.wad, a wad for Doom2.
This wad replaces episode 1, is quite large, and features a lot of twisty passages, big rooms and violence. The layout is reasonably interesting; most things interconnect, one way or another. There aren't any misaligned textures - I hate seeing that ...Date:02/25/95
Size:89.21 KB

Pistol Whip
Size:75.08 KB
Author:Edward Dassmesser

The Pit
A doom level starting by a pit in a large open arena, it takes skill so keep on your toes and watch your ammo....Date:12/05/95
Size:44.52 KB
Author:Gene Spinks

Capone's Pit
Drop into the pit to search for the keys....Date:12/31/96
Size:46.86 KB

The Pit 2
A doom level starting in a pit in a large open arena, it takes skill so keep on your toes and watch your ammo....Date:02/05/96
Size:35.62 KB
Author:Gene Spinks

Face the Pit.
Two fairly large levels (2 and 3), with some interesting areas and a few tricky parts. Level 1 was originally seperate and doesn't fit with the other two, but I included it anyway just to get rid of it. It's not really that good, so you can skip it i...Date:09/08/96
Size:96.82 KB
Author:Brian Dean

A map for plutonia, was cut out of the project Plutonia Revisited. No homages. Have fun!...Date:01/21/11
Size:80.3 KB

I was looking through all the textures in DOOM ][, and the Bloodfalls/Slimefalls textures really jumped out at me. "Design a level based around us" is what they said. So I found myself devoting large potions of time that might otherwise be spent on u...Date:05/30/05
Size:45.7 KB
Author:Chris Brown

The Pits Of Doom
On your way home from Mars, your ship crash lands on a planet full of pits. Try to escape!...Date:10/19/96
Size:12.44 KB
Author:Peter Anchondo

It has the same idea of APOCOLYPSE, but this puppy is for DOOM II. The new monsters don't seem to fight as much. They waste their time shooting at you! I had to put those dumb invulnerability things in it....Date:03/29/97
Size:12.85 KB
Author:superdud, or buttsnoid on irc

My first level. Turned out to be a little too ambitious for a first level, but what the hey. Sneaky level. Fun for both single play and deathmatch. A little big for two-player death- match, but awesome for 4 player. Has every weapon, if you can figur...Date:04/15/97
Size:39.54 KB
Author:Patrick J. Williams

Arena-type wad, but with lots of tricks and obstacles. Victory goes to (s)he who figures things out first....Date:04/15/97
Size:49.12 KB
Author:Patrick J. Williams

A small map made for the fun of it....Date:08/30/10
Size:38.96 KB
Author:Boon Lived

Plague's Pleasant Pit
As you may notice, this is reminicent of the great OUT.WAD (does anyone know who made it?). We also incorperated aspects of our other AWESOME! WAD, DTHTRNCH.WAD. Have fun with it....Date:08/23/95
Size:32.41 KB
Author:Kary Black (Plague) and Mark Trolley (Marcos)

The Energy Plant
Ok marine, this is your mission. this plant is the main supplyer of energy to the opposition. You must cross the bridge, enter the plant, kill everything in sight, and finally shut the plant off for good. Plain and simple. Now get moving!...Date:08/24/96
Size:75.84 KB
Author:Garett Arneson

Trav's Playball
Size:33.32 KB
Author:Jeff Travis aka Trav aka Stormfury

The Playground
A short,simple,stupid level with absolutely no plot whatsoever. It doesn't even fit it's name....Date:06/15/97
Size:7.32 KB
Author:Matt Pryor

Single level with more than a megabyte of new graphics. This level weighs in at more than 1.7 meg with level data at 370 K. This is huge but the play area is not overly large; a lot of sectors and linedefs were used purely for visual effects and appe...Date:06/22/97
Size:361.39 KB
Author:Roger Ritenour

Single level with more than a megabyte of new graphics. This level weighs in at more than 1.7 meg with level data at 370 K. This is huge but the play area is not overly large; a lot of sectors and linedefs were used purely for visual effects and appe...Date:06/28/97
Size:361.45 KB
Author:Roger Ritenour

You are thrust headfirst into legions of demons, barons, arch-viles, revenants, and imps...using your fist! "Plinch" is a a punch and pinch and a lunch and maybe a lynch....Date:04/30/00
Size:56.32 KB

plinch 2
Mow your way through a demonic horde with a chaingun and a secret Rocket Launcher....Date:02/11/01
Size:6.53 KB
Author:Michael Smith

Plinch 3: Final Infest
This is the end, I am finished off what Alex Parker started off with and I carried on....Date:07/09/01
Size:22.19 KB
Author:Michael Smith

Size:38.87 KB
Author:Zeek Bower (SUDS)

Single map for Plutonia. Not meant to be detailed, mainly focused on making Plutonia atmosphere....Date:03/10/11
Size:36.45 KB

Jungle Jaunt
3 short intense Plutonia-style maps! (Must be launched alongside PLUTONIA.wad) Map List: Map01: Barracks Map02: Jungle Pier Map03: Boiled In Shit...Date:08/06/23
Size:273.03 KB

Kamikaze Suicidal
A Plutonia map that replaces MAP22; this began as somewhat of a sequel to my Plutonia Revisited contribution known as Suicide Mission. I sorta felt my map was maybe too similar to the original Impossible Mission, so I thought to give it another go an...Date:10/30/16
Size:252.79 KB
Author:Michael Jan Krizik (valkiriforce)

Size:336.08 KB
Author:Patrick Martin

Short and sweet map with a hellish setting....Date:03/11/14
Size:74.01 KB
Author:Sophie Kirschner

PN Slime Base
The Doom guy is going to the store to buy tacos, but on the way home the monsters steal them! He follows them to the fabled PN Slime Base, maintained by the evil PN Corporation who for some reason works for the UAC and they have some of their crates ...Date:05/30/08
Size:89.35 KB

POD.WAD (Pit-O-Doom)
My 1st Doom wad. consisted of the 1st 4 rooms of this level. Adding another 50k to the level and converting it to DOOM II format produced this level. Supports single player, co-op, and... Death Match for the hard core FANatics!...Date:11/16/96
Size:27.77 KB
Author:Edward E. "Doc" Brown

Place Of Freedom
Size:94.84 KB

Death by Red Hot Poker
Tough single player, but it is possible. Just take care with ammo. There are monsters everywhere; if you think you've cleared them all you probably haven't....Date:09/25/95
Size:141.74 KB
Author:Nick Sumner

This is a 9 level Addon for DOOM2 that takes place just outside Calafornia. There has been A demon portal opened, and all hell is braking loose. There is radio-active waste spilling all over the area and soon the DEMON pleuge will spread to the rest ...Date:02/06/99
Size:610.03 KB
Author:Steven McGranahan and Jesse Douglas

Polygon Base
A totally non-linear level, other than needing all three keys to exit, you're free to go anywhere you want. Play on HMP for a Doom-like experience, UV adds the Doom 2 monsters, NTR is real easy. Clear all otherworldly mutants, secure the base, and li...Date:01/24/96
Size:325.08 KB
Author:Rick Lipsey

Size:43.42 KB
Author:David Fontaine

Poly Wad
New level for DOOM2. Huge level. Moderately challenging. ;)...Date:07/25/01
Size:118.35 KB
Author:David Fontaine

Hi, my name is Rodrigo and my friend Renato made this single level with lots of monsters. We have done some stuff together in 96/97 (Hello.wad), by todays standarts these levels don't offer much but they were fun to make....Date:05/04/05
Size:23.05 KB
Author:Renato Pinheiro

Pwad for Doom2. Want non-stop pelting? Welcome!...Date:05/29/00
Size:158.75 KB
Author:Thomas Bringle

Lucifers Pool Party
This was my first level, I like massive destruction. Make sure to get stuck in there. As with all my levels it is meant to be completed without saving....Date:08/14/03
Size:65.1 KB
Author:Gary Frewin

Pwad for Doom2....Date:06/11/00
Size:61.63 KB
Author:Thomas Bringle

This wad is a modified version of my first wad called squeaky. I fixed A LOT of mistakes that were on the first one. Afterall, it was my first wad, what did you expect. This wad has some of the typical things in a first wad. I think this is one of my...Date:12/05/96
Size:36.07 KB
Author:Jason Frierdich

This is a Wad designed for coopertive or individual....Date:05/07/14
Size:76.56 KB
Author:Andrew A. Fritz

Designed for a single player, multiplayer and deathmatch....Date:04/07/97
Size:104.45 KB
Author:Eugen Muzic

when the postman strikes back...
You need a story ? O.K. The local post office was captured by alien forces bringing death to everyone who wants to enter. You, the one and only tough marine, have to clean up the madness......Date:11/23/95
Size:175.33 KB
Author:Thomas Ott

POST...The mini-episode
This is the sequel to Debut (, which was a full episode replacement for UDoom. This is 11 new levels from scratch for Doom2 versions 1.7 - 1.9. It contains a new exe, new sprites, new floors, new walls, and a whole hell of alot o...Date:09/16/96
Size:1.33 MB

level 1 is based on UCSD's Price Center. 3 keys, One Cyberdemon. level 2 is an obnoxious maze. Hit the buttons to raise the floor to exit. 2 keys, 2 Cyberdemons, 2 Spidermasterminds, 1 Massive Crushing Ceiling with cool Disco Lights. level 3 is very ...Date:01/30/95
Size:250.34 KB
Author:Daniel Bondurant (levels 1, 2 and 3), Nye Liu (level 4)

Uhhh, I dunno =)
Size:98.52 KB
Author:Orin Flaharty

A short, fast-paced and hard-hittin' speedmap I made back in march of 2022. The main premise is that I started working on this like an hour before I took a shower, then finished it on the next day. Took me about 2 and a half hours in total....Date:10/26/22
Size:117.57 KB

Size:10.56 KB

Its a standard techbase level. Nothing to special. Sort of slaughter mapish....Date:11/09/22
Size:849.19 KB

This DOOM II pwad was designed for 2-4 player Deathmatch 2.0. It features some good sniper spots, and hidden rooms to hide in. All weapons are present except the BFG. There are monsters to keep things interesting for Single, Cooperative and Deathmatc...Date:06/20/95
Size:12.53 KB
Author:Bill Munden

Prison Camp
Okay. This is a level partially inspired by the book "King Rat" it takes place in a prison camp. The camp commandant has decided or been ordered to liquidate the inmates. You over power your executioner and TRY to escape. The sick bay and mess hal...Date:08/08/95
Size:41.74 KB

Prison Break version 1.0
Designed completely from scratch. The scenario goes like this. The remianing baddies from your successful Mars/Earth rampage were rounded up and thrown into a maximum security prison for genetic study. As time went on and people began to forget the w...Date:06/10/95
Size:101.2 KB
Author:P.Hildebrandt aka Popeye

Prison (for Doom II)
Size:60.94 KB
Author:Eeva Marin

Welcome to prison moon base Delta 4. You've been called in because of a rather out-of-control riot is taking place. And boy are the guards happy to see you! Well, maybe not, because they're a little trigger happy now that all carnage has broken loose...Date:09/25/99
Size:60.53 KB

Escape from Prison
The Story is simple; You are captured and sentenced to death for crimes against demons and all things evil. As you stand in front of the firing squad a Former Human comes up to you and gloats. In a flash of an eye you take his gun off him and while h...Date:12/07/01
Size:24.42 KB
Author:Philip Renshaw

A single-level Doom2 PWAD....Date:01/14/99
Size:74.66 KB
Author:Rob Berkowitz

This is the first 2 levels of this project, this is just a demo...Date:03/03/05
Size:1.01 MB
Author:Stealthy Ivan

Somewhat challenging dark indoor map....Date:08/18/14
Size:31.51 KB
Author:Henrik Heino

My first wad. Its quite dificult and ugly. Try yourself....Date:06/24/11
Size:41.12 KB

Prong levels
Prong.wad is an 10 level wadfile for your Doom2 registered version...Date:04/19/96
Size:390.58 KB
Author:Terry Durham

Deathmatch - Single & Co-Op Too!...Date:04/15/95
Size:125.23 KB
Author:Dave Swift

Proxyon Military Base
Proxyon Military Base was built on the planet Andromeda in the Alpha Cruxus system, known as Summer Row because of the five Earth-type worlds that orbit this G-type sun at comfortable distances. The whole system is possibly the richest non-mineral sy...Date:10/31/96
Size:151.98 KB
Author:Scott McNutt

Proxima Centauri
This WAD file supports all three modes of play: Deathmatch, Single, and Co-Op. Its an indoor/outdoor setting with some excellent DM battle areas. The cyberdemon can end up helping you out quite a bit if you know how to manipulate him. ;)...Date:02/27/95
Size:116.45 KB
Author:Scott Lampert

Press Conference
The Story: You are a journalist who was at a government facility for a press conference about the new gateway technology when demons started coming out. Now the government wants to kill you since you know about their slip-up and so do the demons....Date:02/17/03
Size:96.63 KB
Author:Christian Denholm

Angel (Exodus)
My final and, in my opinion, best contribution to the community. Lots of detail, fun (but very hard, 'specially on UV without secrets), and non-linear. I hope you like it. This level is dedicated to Danny Ong. Rest in peace....Date:08/07/01
Size:73.5 KB

Prower's Collection - DooM 2 version
If you don't like level complications, maybe this will change your mind. The reason? These levels _don't suck_. None of the levels in this collection are done by somebody else other than Prower (me), and I hand-picked the best eight of my own wads. ...Date:12/29/97
Size:341.29 KB
Author:Michael "Prower" Reid

The Helios Project - Stage Alpha
The Helios Project Alpha Stage - Pharos Base, Charon, Pluto, Saturday, March 4, 3032 A young marine in training arrives. After his briefing with Commander...Date:06/18/99
Size:54.09 KB
Author:Michael "Prower" Reid

Nexus 6
Much better than DXWS. Much, much better. It's fun, and hard. Really hard. That ending can be a bitch, but use your head and you can work it out....Date:10/19/00
Size:67.58 KB

Prower's Series for DooM2
This is the DooM2 Version of Prower's Series for DooM. Not much is changed, except for a few textures and some things. Main changes are there are a super shotgun in Prower's Gate and Prower's Revenge, now....Date:03/12/98
Size:148.62 KB
Author:Michael "Prower" Reid

The Seventh - Level 1: Launch Gate
This is the first level out of a thrirty-two level megawad by Michael "Prower" Reid (me). The Seventh Time goes by slowly when you're on the job. At least when you have a...Date:05/05/98
Size:34 KB
Author:Michael "Prower" Reid

The Seventh - Level Two: Station Charon
The Seventh - Level Two: Station Charon Hesistating to look at the swirl of the hypergate, you prepare to jump in....Date:05/14/98
Size:52.35 KB
Author:Michael "Prower" Reid

The Seventh - Level 03: The Technology Base
The Seventh - Level 03: The Technology Base About nine hours after the transport started, the lift finally comes to a...Date:07/02/98
Size:89.39 KB
Author:Michael "Prower" Reid

Forgotten Phobos Station
This is an easy level, the meanest monster you'll encounter is a Baron of Hell. You have to get through a Phobos station....Date:08/16/05
Size:26.22 KB
Author:Jacek 'Illdo' Dobrzyniecki

This is a set of pretty difficult DOOM II wads BUT!, they are all possible, even starting with just a pistol and a few shells. The few bits of secret are there just to help, they're not essential. The main key to finishing these wads is discretion! D...Date:05/12/12
Size:203.4 KB
Author:Matt Bennett

M A X I M U M P S Y C H O S I S [respawning version]
WARNING: This wad is FAST-PACED! You will die! If you do not like high intensity, total carnage, absolute psychotic action.... then don't play this wad and try PUSSY.WAD instead.... >:)...Date:11/08/94
Size:30.28 KB
Author:Steve Mooradian

The Portal to Hell
This is my first level for Doom2 and I think it came out pretty good. You are stuck inside a marble fortress and you must clean it out and escape. Once you find the Portal to Hell, you are in for a massive fight. Good luck!. This is quite a large lev...Date:01/16/07
Size:72.75 KB

Size:192.2 KB
Author:Jim McFarland

Pumping Station
A small easy vanilla map, 1000 linedefs....Date:11/28/22
Size:52.75 KB
Author:Chris Kendell aka Somniac (formerly VisionThing)

1st I have released. Lots of monsters, rooms, areas, secrets and surprises, moderately difficult for non-experts, so not so easy for me, a mere amateur....Date:05/07/14
Size:75.87 KB
Author:Nick Anderson

A rehashed MAP01 - but with more monsters than you can shake a BFG at....Date:08/15/95
Size:115.57 KB
Author:Dario Casali (AKA Punisher)

PuNk DoOm've got a cool green mohawk so obviously you wanna go out and nut people, so you secure the double barrel shot gun and leap head first into the nearest bad dude base...or something....Date:02/22/08
Size:52.33 KB
Author:Cider Man

5 DOOM ][ levels replacing MAP01 through MAP05...Date:09/12/95
Size:253.06 KB
Author:Stuart E. Duff

Purple Rain
"Strange toxic purple slime has seeped its way into the core of the Earth. Will you find the source of this sludge or will you find more than you bargained for?" Purple Rain is a short 5-10 minute single map that has been designed to work with Deha...Date:11/27/21
Size:1.54 MB

You must find a Red Skull Key and get the hell out before you are sacrificed to many tangential Great Old Ones in the temples of their worship....Date:01/07/08
Size:147.82 KB
Author:Howard Baumgardner

The Puzzler
Your goal is to survive all 6 levels! Copy puzzler.wad into the Doom 2 directory To run type: doom2 -file puzzler.wad...Date:07/11/96
Size:383.82 KB
Author:Alan R. Zeman

The Power Plant ver 1.5
A new twist on pwad deathmatch creation.. a PWAD *MADE* for team play! some of the stuff you just can't get without a partner ( Like the BFG ) The BFG is a Trap, you can get TO it alone, but you can't LEAVE it alone. ::Grin:: ( Phrasing completely in...Date:04/14/95
Size:580.36 KB

- Vanilla compatible (play tested in Dosbox, Choclate Doom and GZDoom) - No Jumping, free Look is ok, more so with the Gimmick of the Map - Playtime ~20 Minutes, 30+ if you mess around - Run and Gun, Arena Fights and a fun playful Map Layout ...Date:01/02/22
Size:326.03 KB

Pyramid of the Damned
The great pyramid of Egypt has been taken over by hell. You must eradicate the enemy....Date:08/05/96
Size:20.46 KB
Author:Jonathan Hnit

Pyro's Revenge (For Doom II only!)
This is a interesting level where I was testing out several concepts. Good luck on the last room! :)...Date:02/28/95
Size:27.37 KB
Author:Dean Scott

Pyro's Revenge II (For Doom II only!)
There are some decent puzzles to solve here that require good coordination and luck....Date:04/01/95
Size:34.49 KB
Author:Dean Scott

Quandy Crush
Size:19.43 KB

Quality Control
Quality control...Date:08/31/14
Size:2.72 KB
Author:the guy

Quake Style Ending
Remake of Quake shub-niggurath`s pit in the doom engine! Check below for info! ***Info*** You know you collect all the 4 runes and then a hole opens in the start, you enter in for the final encounter! I tried to keep accurate to the original as pos...Date:10/20/16
Size:25.77 KB

Quantum Path
Size:35.67 KB

Quest for the Red Key
This Four Level WAD is for those who like to have 100% on everything. The levels can be com- pleted with out the red key, but, if you find it you get good power-ips; ie; health, armor,etc. The first level has no keys- don't look, OK?...Date:07/09/04
Size:416.2 KB
Author:John Nelle

Qrumpi Old Men
3 fun level here. First level is a base with many monsters and a brige maez above the magma. You must kill Kunun to beat level. Second level you must kill 4 archvile, its not that easy. Third level is the hardest as you face the entire hellspawn crew...Date:07/17/08
Size:75.16 KB

Quad Wad
4 levels, the last of which is an enormous pit with many monsters...Date:07/12/95
Size:375.05 KB
Author:Bill F.

Quadrant Four
Four distinct areas linked in the middle by a common room. each area is fairly different in appearance and feel. There are High Tech, Low tech, Lava/Blood, and outdoor/telefrag caves....Date:10/24/05
Size:62.36 KB
Author:Rory Kostman

See for yoursself!...Date:07/17/95
Size:17.4 KB
Author:Rudy Jurjako

Quad Wads - Doom II version
All three of these wads are designed the same; one for Doom 1, one for Doom 2, and one for Heretic. It is a fast paced level that usually results in a lot of frags. The layout of the walls and transporters is identical in all three levels so if you l...Date:11/27/00
Size:21.94 KB
Author:Ron Williams

Very difficult on level 4...Date:07/12/95
Size:27.79 KB
Author:Joseph Pacheco

It was all over. You had singlehanded cleared earth of every scum-blood-dirt sucking alien bastard ever to hit the face of the univers. Or so you thought. As you had probably realised as you were fighting your way through halls, corri- dors and entir...Date:02/12/00
Size:48.93 KB
Author:Christian Hansen

This is a pretty simple level made for Doom2. The only thing about Quake is the start room resembles the picture we've all seen on the internet....Date:02/05/96
Size:32.31 KB
Author:Gene Spinks

8th I have released, many puzzles and traps in 4 levels. All monsters represented. Single Player really, maybe Multi. Don't Deathmatch. Medium to very hard. Fun to play as you often have to think first blast later....Date:05/08/03
Size:235.63 KB
Author:Nick Anderson

Quasar Corp
No one said taking that security job at Quasar Corp. would be easy. Now you've got bigger problems to worry about than getting stuck in traffic on the way home - can you clock out before the monsters punch your clock for you?...Date:10/12/22
Size:188.27 KB

The Quest
Two weeks ago, your best friend (a Mariner, like you) had been sent to investigate a suspicious building. There were rumors... Until now, there are no news about him or about his mission. The worst is feared. So, YOU are to be sent to find him - or, ...Date:05/04/99
Size:133.63 KB
Author:Gul Dahre'el

quikisg2.WAD (sequel to quick is good (quikisgd.wad)
Meant to be played seperately from quikisgd.wad First part has a doom1 feel, evolves into a bit more doom2ey level, as in its predeccesor. You thought that teleport would send you home, but it didn't. Maybe the next one you find will. Inspiratio...Date:07/31/96
Size:30.21 KB
Author:Malcolm Sailor

quikisgd.WAD (quick is good)
Quick is good. Advertising seems to have told us that. This is a very good level. Not all that quick but damn good. If you're looking for a level to download, download this. In the top 0.1% of levels out there. I know I'm not being paticurly modest...Date:07/12/96
Size:30.71 KB
Author:Malcolm Sailor

QZar Teams!
This is a level based on the QZar in Berekly, CA. It has an arcade area, birthday area, secret bathroom, the breifing room w/ map, and of course the arena. You are supposed to have teams like this Green\Indigo vs. Red\Brown This is for the green and ...Date:03/19/95
Size:88.88 KB
Author:Mark Cooke and Chris Parmelee (butcrap & dolo on DWANGO)

The Fortress of Dr. Radiaki
The Fortress of Dr. Radiaki; who's do not know that game. Its considered the worst ever FPS game ever made! Horrebile gameplay, bad color palette, useless automap and so on. But i was very curious that if Radiaki was made in the Doom engine. Would it...Date:11/14/22
Size:197.28 KB

Radiation Processing Plant
Large radioactive substance processing plant that's been overrun by hell-spawn. Large, open- plan warehouse section. Ideal for the Doomer looking for a bit of a blast. Also suits co-op netplay (like anyone plays it), but probably a no-no for deathmat...Date:12/05/94
Size:42.5 KB
Author:Chris Brooking

Ragnor's Stronghold
Birthday wad for Rangnor from Doomworld, leave your brain at home, this is the Die Hard of doom wads. Inspired by Map09 from TNT. Plays on the TNT IWad....Date:06/01/13
Size:45.88 KB
Author:Matt "cannonball" Powell

Walking through the baren wastelands inspecting the damage that the demons from hell have left you with, you spot an injured demon hobbling about. Suspecting there may be more where it came from. All of a sudden, you hear a crack, and then the ground...Date:07/07/97
Size:40.01 KB
Author:Daniel Hedlund

Rainbow Software DOOM II WAD 2 (release 9/99)
Another DOOM II WAD file. Hope you will like it....Date:12/30/05
Size:86.74 KB
Author:Ondrej Zary

Nazi Deth Kamp '96
This is a brand new version of "Nazi Deth Kamp" that originally appeared as level 2 in RamDeth last August and was later remade into level 6 in RamDoom. I added more enemies, health, and ammo to spice it up some ! I beat on UV, can you ?...Date:11/01/96
Size:321.91 KB

I like good shoot-em-up games, this one will keep you running. It's a standard 3-Key game with plenty of action, ENJOY....Date:01/04/97
Size:54.95 KB
Author:Joe Winter

This level is the best level I have every made or seen. It rules in single player and deathmatch. It flows just perfectly. It was added on to D!zone....Date:03/11/97
Size:67.1 KB

Rampage V2 (ENG)
One map - escaping from seven floors of asylum with serious hallucinations. Revenge of loony....Date:08/14/08
Size:3.13 MB

Ram Ranch
Yo! What is that I see off in the distance? A huge fiery portal is opening up. Hordes of demons are pouring out, their huge hard cocks as hard as rocks. Ram Ranch is under siege, under lockdown! Big buff demons are gonna fuck Ram Ranch cowboy butts. ...Date:03/21/21
Size:114.4 KB

I made this map years ago when I was 16, I hope you guys like it. It is a random mess, hence the name. But it has a lot of different themes and secrets....Date:02/17/15
Size:180.35 KB
Author:P.L.J. Heinen

No description here...Date:09/04/00
Size:405.94 KB
Author:Chris "dragon" Pisarczyk

Size:537.82 KB
Author:Zeek Bower (SUDS)

Jazzmaster's Rapidfire
Size:3.73 MB
Author:Donnel "Jazzmaster9" Enriquez

Jazzmaster's Rapidfire 2: True Colors
Another set of 6 Vanilla Compatible Levels where the aim was to make One Map per day, for 6 days....Date:01/26/22
Size:4.09 MB
Author:Donnel "Jazzmaster9" Enriquez

In this map I designed it to ware if you don't try real hard to find the secrets (both of em) then it will be extremely difficault (maybe even impossible for some) to complete the map.....Date:05/27/03
Size:53.86 KB
Author:Andy "FearKeeper" Leaver

The Complete RAVEN SERIES Maps 1-11
This file contains all eleven levels for the premier Doom 2 RAVEN series. These .wads will challenge all Doom players regardless of skill level....Date:04/12/95
Size:508.96 KB
Author:Tim Willits & Theresa Chasar

Raven Base
All I can say about this level is grab a chainsaw and have some fun....Date:04/05/06
Size:78.96 KB
Author:Jonathan Jordan

This WAD was based on the original Ravenloft module for AD&D 1st edition. I always thought that it was one of the best dungeons ever made. Almost all internal structures were recreated, using teleports at the stairs. Some structures were ignored, som...Date:07/17/95
Size:208.63 KB
Author:Luiz Claudio Duarte

There's no new plot line (who the hell really reads those anyway? You're a bad-ass with a gun and critters are shootin' at you. Why do you need a story-line? This isn't Mario Bros.) There are 2 things I hate in ID wads--intense puzzle-solving a...Date:07/20/96
Size:106.97 KB
Author:Jeff Gannaway

I'm a big fan of H.P. Lovecraft and I had originally meant to do a WAD with a Cthlhu Mythos theme. I was gonna go all out too. I wanted to change all the sounds and the graphics and mabye even screw with the EXE. Fortunately, I woke up and realized I...Date:08/10/96
Size:217.61 KB
Author:Chad Noles

The Rabbit Hole
A LARGE level for Doom 2. e-mail me and tell me what you think....Date:07/27/04
Size:85.6 KB
Author:Michael Reed

Redemption Denied (sort of)
Based loosely on Redemption Denied (level 54) on PlayStation Doom...Date:06/29/98
Size:15.44 KB
Author:Alex Macfarlane Smith

Intelligence informs you of a nuclear installation, location undisclosed, that has been taken over by hellspawn (big surprise!) They inform you of a main power reactor which, like the rest of the plant is underground. It is believed that the demons p...Date:04/03/97
Size:121.54 KB
Author:Kurt Rickerd

Reactor: Final Version
Last version (I promise) of the first Doom level I ever made. I made the original version over a year ago. While I was completing The Waterfront, someone emailed me, saying how much they liked Reactor. So for old times sake, I went back and played it...Date:07/15/95
Size:131.04 KB
Author:Scott F. Crank

REAL: DOOM2 Conversion
You must search for a brazilian UAC jungle base. New graphics and sounds immerse you in a jungle enviornment as well as caverns, an ancient temple, and more as you search for the base and attempt to destroy everything that escaped. (Press F1 after in...Date:04/16/98
Size:1.04 MB
Author:Joe Zona "JAZ"

Realm of Evil (subject to change)
The second release of my first wad, the first level's kinda plain at times but they get better. There are now 6 levels so far, I would say they're a cross between TNT and Thy Flesh Consumed....Date:05/30/04
Size:590.99 KB
Author:Jeff Valancy

My very 1st coop designed .wad.. it's not very good i dont think, but you might like it. REB09.WAD is already out, and is *MUCH* better.. and designed for co-op. Get it while yer at it....Date:04/15/97
Size:186.74 KB
Author:Rebel Cool

A pretty good coop designed .wad... good architecture and detail. It took me a while to design this so YOU BETTER LIKE IT. hehe.. and of course in the tradition of REB wads.. it has new music & sounds. It's a huge level too, and VERY hard, so it shou...Date:04/16/97
Size:223.4 KB
Author:Rebel Cool

A 3-level co-op .wad. Based in mostly tunnels and waste filled passages. Extremely hard with lots of surprises. Good music as well (stabbing westward, ozzy, pink floyd). Large levels. Another beautiful .wad by me....Date:07/01/97
Size:120.15 KB

Ex-Rebel Base
This is a very small level. The rooms are small because I didn't have a sense of scale. It is a supposed rebel base that has been taken over by Imperials. You mission if you choose to take it is to eradicate the enemey and find the computer map (HINT...Date:11/26/95
Size:22.84 KB
Author:Rob Schwaller

Geo-thermal Test Base
You mission should you choose to take it is to land by the base and explore its facilities. It may have been infested by Wookies and their compatriots. If so destroy all of them and return with information on the facilitys ability to be used. This is...Date:12/31/95
Size:32.5 KB
Author:Rob Schwaller

Rebel Sky
You've heard about the demonic invasion on earth, how legions of dark, mysterious creatures appeared out of the depths of darkness - bringing with them a blood red sky that threatens to set the very atmosphere on fire wherever they tread. The unknown...Date:11/03/17
Size:490.43 KB
Author:Michael Jan Krizik (valkiriforce)

This is the first wad iv'e made for Doom2. I think it's a fair size for a first wad (100K) It has one large area some people may find hard, It can be completed without using cheats. Just keep tring and you'll get it. ..Enjoy.....Date:04/02/95
Size:35.14 KB
Author:Phil Burnham

Recession: Dead Island
Size:30.7 KB
Author:Joe Becht AKA RecidivuS

Recession 2: Underneath
Size:32.61 KB
Author:Joe Becht AKA RecidivuS

Recession 3: Necropolis
Size:37.4 KB
Author:Joe Becht AKA RecidivuS

The Water Reclaimation Facility
You have been investigating a series of homicides. The sheriff is frightened that an evil Satanic cult has moved into the area and has taken refuge in the old abandoned water reclaimation facility outside of town. He made you his deputy and ordere...Date:07/26/08
Size:85.88 KB
Author:Joe Kaminski

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
This level is bereft of any form of plot, except for the fact that you've just gone on a rather violent drug trip. Enjoy the high, man....Date:03/27/99
Size:34.47 KB
Author:Joe "RecidivuS" Becht

Size:88.59 KB

The Recycling Bin
This is a small compilation of old maps that I have recently touched up into a playable state, so that they can see the light of day for once. Maps 1 and 2 were originally meant to be contributions to a failed plain old doom 2 community project. (Com...Date:04/28/18
Size:188.87 KB
Author:Justin Kelly (Breezeep)

Doomguy has gotten lost in the older parts of the UAC and now has to find his way out....Date:04/14/14
Size:6.66 KB
Author:reality 2.0

Fun, kind of simple....Date:04/07/96
Size:8.49 KB
Author:Sue Lasota

Welcome to THE AWFUL MONASTERY. This level is made intentionally for single player. At the beginning I wanted to make a multiplayer game-level but I have taken so much monsters in this level (e.g.: 110(!) Cacodemons at the final of the level in UV) a...Date:11/03/95
Size:186.93 KB
Author:Gereon P.J. Meuser 26 year old student of chemistry. I love playing soccer, computer and my wife and

The Compound - was never finished but still good. Cmd Line = doom2 -file redtst.wad Difficulty is reversed. Hurt Me Plenty = Ultra Voilence Ultra Voilence = Hurt Me Plenty...Date:04/07/00
Size:83.77 KB
Author:Ryan Green

A little WAD ive been working on for a while, comprising of six tough but fair maps in a modern theme, intended as the first episode of a megawad. It's my first release so go easy. Just slap it in your doom directory along with the .gwa file if you c...Date:10/17/02
Size:605.14 KB
Author:Daniel Trim

A new episode for Doom2, the attempt was to add to the excellent levels found in the original doom2, a few awesome puzzles, and I hope some good looking levels...Date:08/22/09
Size:385.99 KB
Author:Reagan Hawkins

A single Doom 2 level, for single player mode....Date:08/26/07
Size:33.04 KB
Author:Phil Memmer

The Refinery
Nothing new in the premise, but the architecture is great. You start off surrounded by tall pillars and vats of radioactive waste and in the center of the floor is a tower which controls the lighting of the refinery. Stairs lead up to a walkway which...Date:07/04/21
Size:33.51 KB
Author:Matt Bollier

The accompanying folder contains the original REGULUS.WAD, the new REGULUS2.WAD second-level PWAD, the sound patch DDAYSNDS.WAD (taken from the excellent DOOMSDAY.WAD), and a text doc for each level. Enjoy!...Date:08/05/96
Size:858.46 KB
Author:Eric Harnisch

Size:555.64 KB
Author:Michael Jan Krizik (Valkiriforce)

Phobos - Relive The Nightmare
This is a nine-level WAD file with new graphics, music, and sound FX. The levels are very detailed, and are designed to mimic the "style" of the original shareware Doom. I have always thought that the best official Doom levels were the shareware leve...Date:02/09/96
Size:425.88 KB
Author:Shams Young

Remain 1 (Chapter 1)
It's a classic, megawad is partially citing the original Doom2, like if it was that same Doom2, but ..would be not the really the same and sometimes totally not the same......Date:09/03/07
Size:828.11 KB
Author:Alexander "Eternal" S. (aka Deadall)

The Remains of Hell
Before the first DOOM missions, you were one of the ones "voluntarily" sent through the portal that caused so many problems in the first place. You were immediately captured and tortured repeatedly. (long expanse of time skipped) After the end of DOO...Date:02/02/95
Size:51.71 KB
Author:Jason Dyer

The Remains of Hell
Before the first DOOM missions, you were one of the ones "voluntarily" sent through the portal that caused so many problems in the first place. You were immediately captured and tortured repeatedly. (long expanse of time skipped) After the end of DOO...Date:03/03/06
Size:232.39 KB
Author:Jason Dyer

The Remote Complex
Two hours ago, a priority security alert was received on all channels from the Abrash Remote Research Complex, a small research and development site built into a steep hill among the terraformed landscape of Europa. Forty minutes ago, the Quick Rea...Date:07/30/18
Size:122.51 KB

The Rescue (The Monastery, episode 5)
Remember the fourth episode, The Watering-Place. Gal Mac Porter told you it was the last mission you had to complete. But he forget to tell you something very important. He ordered your brother to go back to 15th century in the Carpathian Mountains, ...Date:04/30/95
Size:335.36 KB
Author:Dominique Lavergne

Before things got out of hand on Phobos, UAC engineers installed some prototype gates at a research facility on earth that's lo- cated in an old manor up in the mountains. As on Phobos & Deimos, unwelcome visitors used the gates to come in, spread ma...Date:07/30/96
Size:35.46 KB
Author:Tom Gift

Have you made plans with your undertaker yet?...Date:07/26/98
Size:67.19 KB
Author:Robert Larkin

Eternal Revelation (DEMO)
This is a three-levels demo of full version of Eternal Revelation megawad. Who know when it will be finished, but you can play first three levels right now. These levels will force you to feel an atmosphere of Eternal III again. To play this PWA...Date:12/10/08
Size:417.34 KB
Author:Alexander "Eternal" S. (aka Deadall)

Reticula: Episode 1
First episode with 10 levels for Doom2, my goal was to make some maps with varied themes and full of tricks and ambushes, minimalistic detail as usual in my maps trying to emulate the classic feel, but trying to offer more action than in my previous ...Date:12/18/13
Size:1.52 MB
Author:Nicolas Monti

My first ever map, from way back when. Sucks of course, but not as bad as many people's first maps, so all's good....Date:04/27/05
Size:107.11 KB
Author:Jonathan "Jon" Rimmer

Retro versions of E1m1, E2m1, E3m1....Date:03/28/04
Size:78.94 KB
Author:Michael T. Cole(ShadowRunner)

Return to Phobos
A classic E1 style map UAC base in mountains (yay). Might make a whole E1 episode . . if I feel like it...Date:02/27/05
Size:182.93 KB

Revenant Battlefield: Slaying Daredevils
Quick map for slaying some revvies....Date:07/07/10
Size:48.16 KB

All new wall textures and a lot of detail. I have not gotten through the whole wad without saving on level 4 :-)....Date:02/27/95
Size:165.68 KB
Author:Scott (scottyb) Besag

This my first FINISHED wad ever and it took me about 5 hours to do it. It got revenents, mancubuses, imps and sargeants in it and my favourite textures because this is my first wad....Date:06/06/96
Size:12.03 KB
Author:Stewart Lenton

NOT just an upgrade to my original GENERATR.WAD! I've change a lot... Even if you've played the original... don't miss this! - New ending! ...Date:07/01/10
Size:257.38 KB
Author:Thomas M. Frusti

Revolution The Adventures of Neb
Travel throught the halls of Neb school and kill the evil teashies, who plan to enslave the children of the WORLD!!!!...Date:12/05/97
Size:767.63 KB
Author:Justin Szymanek (N64 MAN)

Bricks and metal...Date:06/11/08
Size:32.77 KB
Author:Sam Stackhouse

Revolting Rocks
A speedmap for vanilla Doom 2 done in 3 hours. Should take a few mins to play. Set in a rocky area in the...Date:11/16/10
Size:49.05 KB
Author:Adam "Khorus" Woodmansey

Rhea 3 Alpha Version
Ah Rhea 3. The third map in my Rhea series of Doom2 maps. I started this map around the time Half-Life was released, as being inspired by HLs arcitecture. I orginally wanted to create my own megawad called "The Rhea Conspricy", but as I one man proje...Date:07/07/02
Size:70.53 KB
Author:Sgt Crispy

My first four levels. If you like realism and ambience then this WAD is for you!...Date:05/08/96
Size:243.54 KB
Author:Brian James Clever

This WAD is my best one to date. Shadow/lighting effects, difficulty level support - the works. It makes a killer deathmatch wad and will work just fine for co-op and single play also. My goal was to defy the common opinion that you can't have a grea...Date:02/27/95
Size:191.33 KB
Author:Scott Lampert

My first Doom ][ wad. Play it. Love it. Hate it. Go play other wads....Date:05/06/95
Size:26.57 KB
Author:Big Tiger

GREAT LEVEL...Date:01/03/98
Size:18.23 KB
Author:Jose Mancia

Rust in Peace
Size:321.35 KB
Author:TheSpazztikOne / GeneralRainbowBacon (DoomHero85)

Rest in pieces (RIPIECES.WAD)
Rest in Pieces is the first true complete DOOM 2 level that I have completed. However, don't let this put you off. This *really* has everything and is very difficult. Secret rooms, all weapons (except BFG, that would make it too easy,) just enough am...Date:07/09/04
Size:33.68 KB
Author:Mark Walton

A Doom 2 level for any port which plays Doom2...Date:06/22/04
Size:147.41 KB
Author:PTG|$R (

Mountain, mabey? I haven't decided yet..
Size:340.39 KB
Author:Just me. Adam VanBuskirk. Dissapointed?

You start off in a dimly lit stairway... Lots of fun things--stairs that go up AND down, hidden weapons, switches that must be pushed twice, a few puzzles. Plenty of monsters, but all difficulty levels are supported. If you get stuck, check the map, ...Date:08/27/03
Size:464.71 KB
Author:Kurt and Carolyn Schulenburg

Play it and see...Date:09/06/95
Size:37.16 KB
Author:Miss J M Avery

Demon Rituals
This level is designed to be played by one player only. This level is relatively difficult if you aren't a chicken and go with one of the top two difficulty levels. I put more effort in designing this level with the top two difficulty settings; any l...Date:04/21/97
Size:46.53 KB
Author:Derek Illchuk

Three key level, designed for cooperative play as well as single play. You'll enjoy this wad if you like a good shoot-em-up game. personally, I'm kinda tired of downloading games with 4 cyberdemons and no ammo. If you have'nt have anything better to ...Date:07/11/97
Size:59.55 KB
Author:Joe Winter

RIVER.WAD (River to Hell)
The first episode of a series. You start at the transport station to Hell. Say hello to the receptionist at the desk. I made this level for experienced players. Its not loaded with monsters... but there are a few roaming around. I hate taking the tim...Date:02/21/98
Size:52.3 KB

River City
River City is full of monsters. The heart of the city is the fortress which you have to capture. Lots of problems getting the keys, especially the red one. Be sure to explore the level - you can actually get to every place you see....Date:03/14/06
Size:99.99 KB
Author:Louigi Verona

River Of Deceit
The first level of a mini-episode I am working on....Date:08/13/95
Size:11.68 KB
Author:Jason Hunter

This is my third wad file, but the first one I want to give out because its a blast....Date:06/05/95
Size:44.95 KB
Author:Robert Alto (_BadCRC_)

Rocket Jones: The Dead Base (Rkt Jones Vol. III)
Rocket Jones in the dead base....Date:12/28/11
Size:76.27 KB
Author:Joe Cates

RJG Blast, Version 1.0
If you are tired of complete the 32 levels of Doom II; finished R.J.G. Stark Base and Enigma Town then you have been trained for this. This one is the ultimate multilevel sequel. The new argument?: You have destroyed the Enigma Town menace by touchin...Date:01/18/98
Size:1.36 MB
Author:Ricardo Gonzalez (1997-1998)

Enigma Town, Version 1.0
If you are tired of complete the 32 levels of Doom II and you finished R.J.G. Stark Base. then you have been trained for this. The new argument?: The big explosion of the Magna Reactor in R.J.G. Stark Base opens a hole in the timeline. And you fall o...Date:12/18/96
Size:1001.62 KB
Author:Ricardo Gonzalez (1996)

R.J.G. Stark Base!!! Version 1.0
If you are tired of complete the 32 levels of Doom II then you have been trained for this. The argument?: It's simple, hehe, You, 'the hero of the movie :)', have been teleported to the R.J.G. Stark Base by the Doom Team, (original, not?) and your mi...Date:08/15/96
Size:639.51 KB
Author:Ricardo Gonzalez (1996)

Robot Junkyard Workshop's Doom Pack
Something of a mini-episode, this .WAD is a collection of nine original Doom 2 levels designed for single-player and co-op play. (Sorry I didn't give this collection a cool name) Styles vary among base/subterranean/semi-hell themes, and I strived t...Date:02/01/14
Size:603.27 KB
Author:Nick Baker (not to be confused with the other Doom-map-making gentleman of the same name who goes by

MRAndom sprite replacements
I was thinking about parodying Linguica's SJW_DEAD, but accidentally made a decent map instead. After finding out about a social justice debate taking place, you and some of your bros decided to attend it and crush the feminazis with logic. tear th...Date:11/25/15
Size:110.13 KB

Road Kill
This wad is designed for SINGLE PLAY--and it's BIG! Lots of room to run--lots of intricate scenery. And, of course, lots of monsters. It includes many buildings--including my entire file, "Building" [Dmbld.wad] (modified of course). A long and windin...Date:08/27/03
Size:246.82 KB
Author:Kurt Schulenburg

You've been sent to a bunker to infiltrate the Cyberdemon lord Arsefase. (read full description at bottom) 8 level wad placed in the middle of Doom2 Maps 11-18; 31 I made this in 2001, and there are a few imperfections. But it should serve as a g...Date:08/13/04
Size:322.95 KB
Author:ggg The Triple-G Man

One very big level, with anything and everything we could think of in it that we could get to work or wasn't too hard to put in it. This is our first WAD, and probably one of our only ones. I don't like imps, so we didn't put many in, but instead put...Date:07/11/96
Size:47.15 KB
Author:Robert Reid, Vimal Vijayapalan.

1 new level...Date:05/26/96
Size:18.24 KB
Author:Michael Wheeler

Medium wad with typical 3 key solution.It is very playable with weapons/health provided....Date:01/24/96
Size:48.43 KB
Author:Joe Winter

I like good shoot-em-up games, this one will keep you running. It's a standard 3-Key game with plenty of action, ENJOY....Date:07/11/97
Size:207.37 KB
Author:Joe Winter

I like good shoot-em-up games, this one will keep you running. It's a standard 3-Key game with plenty of action, ENJOY....Date:07/11/97
Size:69.02 KB
Author:Joe Winter

The set is a midevil castle, Your an interloper in this society. YOU don't belong! You were captured while slumbering from your long trek on your return to your homelands. To remain means certain death, "ESCAPE IS YOUR ONLY CHANCE!"...Date:01/04/97
Size:61.17 KB
Author:Joe Winter

This is my first actual finished level, so it's kind of small. Look out for hidden suprises. My newest level is coming out, ROC2.WAD, which I am making now....Date:06/02/98
Size:21.87 KB
Author:Steve Gaucher

Rock Isle
Size:222.08 KB
Author:Zigmund Ozwell

Rock Ship
A little theme based, this one. Don't worry though: it's made for action. I had a bit of fun creating areas that looked completely different the second time you look. And check out the double barrel shotgun secret. It's not really necessary in this l...Date:07/01/96
Size:88.5 KB
Author:David Jewsbury

Birthday map for purist and Katamori...Date:10/24/12
Size:55.54 KB

Rock My World
This is my fourth serious attempt at a wad. This wad can be played single, cooperative, or D E A T H M A T C H !. My level includes (as always) an upside down room. To my knowledge, this has never been done before my Rockme.wad. (If I'm mistaken, ple...Date:12/30/96
Size:28.46 KB
Author:Derek Altamirano

Rooms of Doom 2
Training rooms for Doom 2. No beating around the bush, no keys, no puzzles, no labyrinths, no beautiful design, just you, your weapons and monsters to kill. Every level can be beaten (perhaps not from a pistol start) and there is an exit switch aroun...Date:08/23/21
Size:9.87 KB

This wad was originally intended for Deathmatch, But I have learned since it can be great fun in Co-op play. There is a way to get to the outside courtyard, without clipping. Make sure you press ALL the buttons, and look for secret doors opening....Date:09/08/95
Size:197.96 KB
Author:Martin Tallman

Realm of Devastated Eternity (RoDE)
There are no fancy sprites, no fancy music in this WAD. Just pure, raw Doom. Enter the Realm...experience the Devastatation...that lasts for Eternity!...Date:10/09/98
Size:866.44 KB
Author:Team Eternity

Rogue Elements
A small Contra-like map. 100% kills near impossible...Date:04/12/05
Size:6.72 KB

an enhanced version of ROH.WAD by Jason Blevins...Date:04/21/96
Size:38.66 KB
Author:Matthias Worch

Size:62.16 KB
Author:Qingshuo Wang (aka piXel reX)

Doom:"River of Lost Souls"-demo v.05
Size:88.62 KB
Author:Stitches, michael smith

This is a fairly involved environment designed primarily for a single-person adventure. I've spent a lot of time providing just the right amount of ammo & health necessary to the accomplished favor and download it, play it, die repeatedly, and give m...Date:03/12/95
Size:49.35 KB
Author:Chris Arkenberg

Circus Maximus
FIRST. IF you have the ROME1.WAD this is an upgrade (version 1.1) to that wad. We have made major changes in music and sounds. Thus the increased size. This is my first wad. Ever. It is an original,...Date:06/03/95
Size:308.82 KB
Author:Patrick Patriarca (all graphics , concept and final decision on all changes)

Single, Co-op, and Deathmatch level...Date:10/21/95
Size:33.15 KB
Author:Tao (

Huge level!...Date:12/21/03
Size:139.58 KB
Author:Ken Hukushi

My tribute to the 1994 era....Date:08/27/23
Size:256.75 KB

Inspired by episodes of TJHooker when ol' Bill Shatner hurtles his toupe packin' body over numerous chasms to snag the bad guy. Made for Doom2, Map01 This wad serves several purposes. It is large, and may not run well on slower co...Date:02/28/95
Size:59.26 KB
Author:Jeff Ross

Great cross-fire start to this Doom 1 styled level. The Duke3d Master's first Doom2 wadfile. Awesome, huh? !...Date:11/13/97
Size:29.05 KB
Author:David Merrill

ROOM2.WAD A nice killing arena. ROOM2-1.WAD Remake of room2.wad but instead of the dark center part going down it goes up. ROOM2-2.WAD Awesome deathmatch wad for 2 to 4 players - basic design for fast combat - difficulity levels: 1st & 2nd only h...Date:10/23/05
Size:21.89 KB

The Rooms Of Hell
Size:13.93 KB

A singelplayer map....Date:02/07/04
Size:114.49 KB
Author:Tobias Forsberg

Ropy II
Map02 is a singelplayer map. And the second wad in the ropy serie....Date:02/07/04
Size:232.76 KB
Author:Tobias Forsberg

Realm of Shades --- roslev.WAD - rostex.WAD - rosmus.WAD
Seven levels (MAP01 to MAP07) that blow away your brain!! Try to survive them! Not story, just play them and Enjoy Killing!!...Date:02/05/98
Size:1.46 MB

RoZinga's Nightmare
Rozinga's Nightmare !! This is my "first" wad level, which is a completely *revamped* level first released as Rozinga('s Nightmare) for DOOM I. ...Date:10/21/99
Size:174.43 KB
Author:Roberto Zingales !

Fallen Outpost
Another Doom level...Date:12/31/04
Size:81.48 KB

Rust Point
A small map using deConstruct Industrial Textures....Date:08/20/10
Size:433.1 KB
Author:Andrew "Malinku" Rehberger

The Road Runner Castle
Awesome castle with a real outside feeling at the beginning....Date:05/03/05
Size:48.85 KB
Author:Jeff Phillips

rr levels release 01 as
Six new levels from scratch PLUS a level from the outline presented in the book "Tricks of the Doom Programming Gurus". I have tried to create a blend of technical design, game play, and interesting challenges. The balance point of difficulty and p...Date:12/28/96
Size:365.91 KB
Author:Robert L. Ross (aka: Flounder)

This map is a DOOM ][ conversion of my DOOM map called RRWARD01.WAD, released in 1994. This map is design for single player or cooperative multiplayer mode, though it does have features for DEATHMATCH built in. This map is quite large, over 560 secte...Date:01/28/96
Size:156.47 KB
Author:Richard R. Ward

Reign of the Spider Gods
Size:2.09 MB
Author:Jeffrey J. Martin from the land of the free and the and the home of the brave.

Respawned: Back from Hell
Classic, vanilla map set for single player and cooperative games with 12 small, medium, and large levels. Theme is hellish and consists of flesh, cave, temple and catacombs levels. Action in final levels takes place in outdoor and base areas. All m...Date:11/07/14
Size:1.17 MB

Return to Daro
Four maps created to celebrate the 20th birthday of the one and only STRAIN. If you don't know what that is... man, screw *this* WAD; GO PLAY STRAIN! STRAIN has long been my favorite Doom WAD, and I've always wanted to pay tribute to it in some way...Date:07/13/17
Size:202.67 KB

You liked RIVER.WAD (1st of the Series), now try this puppy. Its not easy. Lots of visual candy....Date:02/21/98
Size:67.29 KB

A larger level than the previous RTH wads. Your visit to corporate headquarters includes, touring the warehouse, eating with the spawn in the park, praying in the chapel, and taking a swim in the corporate pool. And lets not forget the graveyard, and...Date:02/22/98
Size:107.33 KB

An infernal map with some futurist decoration... I tried to make it with "own personality", working hard with the scenery (light effects, detail, textures...) I aslo pay attention to dificulty level; I like fight against lots of those nasty demons, b...Date:07/13/03
Size:377.82 KB
Author:Eye del Cul

Ummmm..!!! Not really a description but a brief word 'Cos I'm using the unregistered version of Deep this level is rather small due to size restrictions , so I've put in a few rather tough puzzles , I do apologise if people think there a bit unfair b...Date:10/19/96
Size:31.65 KB
Author:Brian owens

Rude Awakening
My first Wad. It kind of just happened, no real planning involved. You do have to back track a lot so it plays somewhat bigger than it looks in Single player mode....Date:03/19/96
Size:43.46 KB
Author:Andrew Gerhard

(See the original text files)...Date:01/30/05
Size:269.16 KB
Author:Keith Wenyon

Containment Area
Size:23.42 KB
Author:Rui Sergio Costa

This is the sixth of eight levels that I made a long time ago....Date:09/08/00
Size:7.33 KB
Author:Jason Free

The Brotherhood of Ruin
Size:3.79 MB
Author:Kristian Aro

The Ruins' Awakening
The Ruins' Awakening is a set of 9 speedmaps I made for the Plutonia iwad, mostly featuring lost caves and ancient temples lying somewhere in the jungle. Let's say you're the sole survivor of an expedition to these dormant places that suddenly get ...Date:01/17/20
Size:313.12 KB

Rule the world!
Rule the world! Finally a wad where you're bad instead of good! This wad is fairly straight forward, with many different settings. There are skill levels, so if its to hard try it on hurt me plenty or i'm to young to die. its easier once you know the...Date:09/02/95
Size:22.6 KB
Author:Malcolm Sailor

Run for ever
1 level WAD. I use a P120 machine, so I imagine some areas may run slowly on a underpowered machine....Date:12/31/96
Size:299.69 KB
Author:Michael Krause

Running Scared
An elite little map with no ammo or weapons. To beat it you have to use your fists and all that. Don't worry, it's not too hard(even on UV)and there's enough health to keep you alive as long as you don't make any dumb mistakes. And even if you do die...Date:12/31/98
Size:33.82 KB
Author:Cyberdemon (Mike Watson)

Run or Die
This one's for all the people out there who told me Running Scared was too easy. It's much harder then the first, but it shouldn't be unbeatable(I hope not anyway). Once again you won't have any weapons, just your fists and a Bezerker. Try not to wet...Date:04/06/99
Size:25.8 KB
Author:Cyberdemon (Mike Watson)

New level for DOOM2. Ran fine on Version 1.666 It's just an interesting blast fest. See if you have enough ammo to escape; or will you runout....Date:12/04/95
Size:18.45 KB
Author:John Dreese

I decided I wanted to make a level with a wooden theme, so I made runriot.wad. It is supposed to be difficult, with loads of enemies, so it is a challenge to complete. I have never done it on UV but given the time, I could (...Date:02/17/95
Size:110.41 KB
Author:Dario Casali

My second released DOOM ][ Level... On the planet Pascala on top of Mt. Integer, off the second coast of Firspro, dwells an awesome power known as... R U R Q T A ! ! ! Known to take the form of a CyberDemon, Rurqta rules the land under his iron hoo...Date:01/17/05
Size:30.72 KB
Author:Brent Dearth

The Rusting
Good size Tech level, with plenty of monsters. Very challenging to play! Would be great for co-op! No real story behind this level, its just fun to play! Not over detailed, but still good looking......Date:02/28/04
Size:58.19 KB
Author:Stealthy Ivan

Rust Bucket
A rusty metal techbase built mostly for the dumping of toxins. Bits of it are kinda sorta not really based on the level Inmost Dens....Date:01/06/14
Size:65.52 KB
Author:Colt "Inkie" Burton

A simple level for Doom 2 with rustic walls textures....Date:11/02/11
Size:72.41 KB

Ruins to the Underworld
STORY: UAC had been studying the ancient ruins of a civilization which had discovered the secret to opening a portal to the Underworld. One of the most remarkable sites of these ruins was the mile high crusher, which had amazingly pinched a whole bet...Date:11/05/96
Size:234.3 KB
Author:Kyle Lomel S.

Are you a Man? (RU_A_MAN.WAD)
Three levels are included. Each is a different test of your DOOM-playing abilities. CHALLENGE of the CYBERDEMON. Can you kill the cyberdemon? CHALLENGE of the BARON Now you see em' now you don't. If you kill them both, you win. CHALLENGE of the SPAWN...Date:04/12/95
Size:15.82 KB
Author:Jeremy Holland

River Of Doom
Wander the Watery Maze of doom hunting for the exit. It's a fairly simple wad one of the first I made....Date:11/06/95
Size:6.04 KB
Author:Erik Swanson

Real World
This wad was made in Germany, Delmenhorst. It's an update to my first wad "8Pack"....Date:07/05/03
Size:756.1 KB
Author:Alexis Neuhaus

Real World 2
A 10 level wad for doom2. This wad was made in Delmenhorst, Germany....Date:04/05/04
Size:549 KB
Author:Alexis Neuhaus

Rowdy Rudy's Revenge! (a 10 map partial conversion)
Rowdy Rudy's Revenge: a 10 map partial conversion. 100% vanilla, heavy on the dehacked. The Story: When it was founded in 2055, the UAC was a force for good. Their research led to the development of teleportation, extreme advances in medicine and...Date:02/05/19
Size:3.52 MB

R_I_P (Beware of those you kill...)
Size:252.8 KB

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