Title: Perdition's Gate
Filename: levels/doom2/p-r/pdgate.zip
Size: 665.98 KB
Date: 06/11/03
Author: Alex Mayberry
Description: Your brother ventured into Hell to save the Earth. Now the military has left him there for dead. For weeks now you've heard your brother in your dreams, calling your name. You know he's ALIVE! Now, against direct orders, you plan a rescue attempt. (See the accompanying file STORY.TXT for full details)
Credits: My wife Minnie, who's favorite thing to do is look at my level and say, "That's nice. Is it too late to change it?" Also, she insisted that I add the trickles of nukage flowing down the wall in the sladwall room of Level2. So if you saw the trickles, and thought they were neat, then you have her to thank. And, if you thought that there were too many Archviles running around, blame her! They're her favorites. (There honey, are you happy, I gave you credit!!!!)
Base: Scratch.
Build time: 6 months.
Editor(s) used: Waded 1.83b, Deth 2.64, BSP 1.2x, RMB 2.1, Deutex 3.4, Paintshop Pro 3.0, Corel Gallery 1.0, Winjammer 2.30, Midi2mus 2.04, & Mus2midi 0.9.
Bugs: None. But if you should find one please let me know.
Rating: (24 votes)
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