Title: Urban Escape
Filename: levels/doom2/p-r/ph_weasl.zip
Size: 49.61 KB
Date: 06/13/14
Author: James "Phobus" Cresswell
Description: A 3.5-hour speed map for WildWeasel's birthday which takes you out a "fire escape", let's you leap off of a roof, fight it out in a street segment and then back indoors to an exit. Pretty linear and easy, but that's speed mapping for you!
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 3.5 hours
Editor(s) used: DoomBuilder 2, SLumpEd
Bugs: None
Rating: (7 votes)
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4-minutes level with quite simple map layout. Not too bad, given it's been built in 3.5 hour, but nothing to wake me up for. Gameplay @ UV is not difficult at all, at the end just jump down & let the resulting infight do most of the cleanup. Overall: 2/5 + 1 for the short build time, so small 3/5.x
A fun couple of minutes, but unimpressive and entirely forgettable. An okay map by a good author, his other more recent work is much more worth your attention.x
I completed it in under four minutes but it took me at least five or six attempts. Success depends a lot on how alert the chaingunners are. Ammo is very very tight on UV skill level. I found myself punching cacodemons and desperately attempting to provoke infighting between an arachnotron and a baron of hell. This would become incredibly irritating if the map were bigger, but luckily it isn't: I escaped.x

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