Title: Phobos
Filename: levels/doom2/p-r/phobos2.zip
Size: 1.02 MB
Date: 07/24/98
Author: Roger Ritenour
Description: Phobos is a 4 level pwad set under a spectacular Phobos sky with Mars, the Red Planet, looming malevolently on the horizon. It loosely follows the story line of the first 4 Doom I levels but with larger, more spectacular, more challenging levels. Briefly, the levels are as follows:

HANGER: You will discover a spaceport, complete with ticket counters and boarding gates that will have you boarding the next flight to get the hell out of there!

NUCLEAR PLANT: This is where the electricity to power Phobos Base is generated. It is complete with nuclear reactor, steam generators, fuel storage pools, turbine hall, switch yard, and nuclear dump site. Your opposition will not want to let this place go!

TOXIN REFINERY: UAC had an industrial chemical plant at Phobos Base complete with fractional distillation towers, chemical reactors, storage tanks, and control center. Your opposition has taken it and subverted into processing evil toxins!

COMMAND AND CONTROL: This is the control center for the entire Phobos Base and the surrounding space of the Mars planetary system. This may be the place where the hellspawn of your opposition first invaded and decapitated the command and control structure for the entire Mars planetary system. They entered clandestinely from below!
Base: New levels
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Wintex/Deutex WinDEU32 BSP Node Builder (Colin Reed) Corel Photopaint 6 CorelDraw 6 Corel Motion 3D 6
Bugs: The duct work over the toxin pits in TOXIN REFINERY do not funtion correctly in BOOM. Because of the way the sky texture works, some versions of DOOM produce strange effects when played with the full screen option (without the status bar at the bottom)
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