Title: PHOBOS3
Filename: levels/doom2/p-r/phobos3.zip
Size: 288.94 KB
Date: 03/15/98
Author: Colin Phipps & Robert Phipps
Credits: Helen Phipps, for helping with the artistic side.
Base: MAP01 - From scratch MAP02 - From scratch MAP03 - Modified E2M3 MAP04 - From scratch MAP05 - From scratch MAP06 - Modified example PWAD supplied with DoomEd for Windows MAP07 - From scratch MAP08 - From scratch
Build time: You really don't want to know. Years. Mostly struggling with editors. Once I got DCK, things got much faster. The levels done with DEU and DoomEd took weeks each; with DCK it is just days. Also huge amounts of time improving and refining the levels.
Editor(s) used: Originally DoomEd, DoomEdPM, DEU Then I found DCK v3.61 and it's far better. DEUTEX for compiling.
Bugs: None major - some rough walls and minor clipping effects
Rating: (8 votes)
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crashes Doomsdayx
Getsu Fune
very classic Doom I feel in Doom II, but the gameplay made me quite nauseous. a lot of backtracking, especially for secrets, and a few crate mazes around. also no new music. terrible flow overall, and why are the TEI TENGA screens actually switches?x
I liked the look, but not crazy about how it plays. The flow seems iffy, not sure where to go, which computer screens to press, etc. In Map01 a monster opened blue door for me (I didn't have key) and that room was empty except for monsters (huh?) Map02 I ended up low on ammo and health, wading through nukage at several points. Had to abuse saves... Well going to try 1phobos.wad now and see if that's any good.x
It's certainly not boring IMO. I actually agree with a review it good on Doom Underground - the look and construction is definitely just OK but it is fun to play. 8 decent size levels, lots of monsters. 4/5x
Competent but kinda boringx

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