Title: Photon
Filename: levels/doom2/p-r/photon.zip
Size: 147.23 KB
Date: 01/19/96
Author: Steve Mavronis
Description: Doom II level based on the original Baltimore Photon, which closed down in 1992. Created this level using the actual building blue-prints, scaled to 16 units per foot. Photon is coming back, with 2 locations opening soon in the Baltimore, MD/Washington, D.C. area within the next 6 months! Check http://www.photon-qei.com, the Offical Photon Web site by Vector I, for more information.
Credits: Thanks to Marc Mueller of Vector I, Nick Moskonas, & Pete Bates. They all were valuable resources in helping me re-create the Baltimore Photon. Also, special thanks go to my wife Greta, daughters Stefanie and Athena for their love and support.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Doom Construction Kit v2.2f, TurboBSP v2.2, NewWadTool v1.2, and Paint Shop Pro v3.0
Bugs: None (That's not a bug, it's a feature!)
Rating: (7 votes)
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Very interesting layout for a real life based map. Surviving is a piece of cake due to countless pickups but it's a bit fun to mow down all the zombies. Kickass midi by Jeremy Doyle. In the readme the author plugs Yngwie Malmsteen. Worth a look if you like recreations of stuff in Doom.x
I used to go play photon as a kid. It was a blast (rotten pun), and this wad actually mimics the "arena" pretty well. Not the best doom level, but as a trip down memory lane it certainly brings back middle-school memories.x
Not too bad for a mid 90s PWAD. Not too hard but a bit cramped.x
This is dated January 1996. It's based on a laser tag arena, with an arcade, concessions stand, parking lot etc. It suffers from the obvious problem whereby it's not quite complicated enough to be a satisfying single-player level (you fight to one end of the main building though a bunch of weak baddies, flick a switch, and then go back to the start) but it's too complicated and cramped to work in deathmatch. Fun for five minutes though.x

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