Filename: levels/doom2/p-r/pigeye30.zip
Size: 127.03 KB
Date: 10/25/98
Author: Sparkle Tom
E-mail: sparktom@bigfoot.com
Description: Vast killing ground. Tough, but fair - you'll not want this one if you're a beginner. However for anybody with some hours under their belt, this could be a memorable experience. This level has already been recognized "Wad of The Day" - this version has some bugfixes .. some improve- ments .. some surprises. New music added.
Credits: Rich Sham - Playtester Kowalski - helped debug first version
Base: None, made from scratch
Build time:
Bugs: None on this version .. notify the author if you find anything wrong - I'll correct it.
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"Wad of the day"! "Not for pussys"! It's an arena with a lot of monsters in it, and a couple of side areas. It's actually very fun and challenging although it's easy to provoke infighting and there's not much to it. Two basic areas; an introduction and a much larger and totally hectic section (seems to spell out "BRUCENESS") which is ace fun to just run around in. Lots of monsters, lots of action.x

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