Title: Pitfalls
Filename: levels/doom2/p-r/pitfalls.zip
Size: 45.7 KB
Date: 05/30/05
Author: Chris Brown
Description: I was looking through all the textures in DOOM ][, and the Bloodfalls/Slimefalls textures really jumped out at me. "Design a level based around us" is what they said. So I found myself devoting large potions of time that might otherwise be spent on useless tasks (such as studying, eating, or sleeping) building and testing Pitfalls. It was originally going to be just the first one, the Bloodfalls, but then it was suggested that I build a sequel. So I did and called them Pitfalls.
Credits: Neil "How do I turn the lights back on? Please?" Erickson and Jeff "Splatter" Sarnat, Colin Reed (BSP), and of course, id Software.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 10 hours total
Editor(s) used: A DEU 5.21 HACK, Waded 1.42, BSP 1.1x
Rating: (2 votes)
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It would seem to be an extremly simple DM wad. I'd personally give it a 2/5 due to the lack of detail. ~Joe Andersonx
Not single player maps. Typical 1994 stuff. 2/5x

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