Title: Place
Filename: levels/doom2/p-r/place.zip
Size: 38.96 KB
Date: 08/30/10
Author: Boon Lived
Description: A small map made for the fun of it.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: Unknown
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder
Bugs: none.
Rating: (8 votes)
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This map is clearly not playtested. Not only because of the key problem, but also because being locked in small and completely dark rooms with 3 and 4 arachnotrons while not having enough ammo is not an acceptable form of gameplay, because the player does not have a chance. As such: awful. BTW If these problems are solved: upwarded to meh.x
Breaks in vanilla Doom because one of the secrets is opened by a GR door with a zero tag. Some structural ideas are taken from Plutonia.x
The reviewer above needs to calm his tits, it's not that bad, other then the ammo and door, the design of your level is acquite. I also did not notice very many texture allignments, (NOT ALL OVER THE PLACE) 3.5/5x
Awful. The "blue key' door actually requires the yellow key. Texture misalignments everywhere. Not enough ammo to kill everything. 12 secrets but I didn't bother to find any of them because I quit after 3 minutes of playing. 1/5x

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