Title: Pleiades
Filename: levels/doom2/p-r/pleiade2.zip
Size: 361.39 KB
Date: 06/22/97
Author: Roger Ritenour
Description: Single level with more than a megabyte of new graphics. This level weighs in at more than 1.7 meg with level data at 370 K. This is huge but the play area is not overly large; a lot of sectors and linedefs were used purely for visual effects and appearances. Views of outer space are created using a non-repeating, verically retilable sky texture. Views include view of space both over and under structural parts of the Starship Pleiades when looking out some of the portholes. (F_SKY is assigned to both floor and ceiling in the same sector which I found a way to make it work without the hall-of-mirrors that typically occurs when doing this.) Play action features random monster placement which gives the action a different twist each time it is played. Finally, this level is a standard patch wad that does not alter the main Doom wad and is playable with the standard -file parameter.
Credits: Doug Ryerson, I borrowed a few of his textures from his ANTARES.WAD. Dave Swift, I borrowed his idea of shiny gold surfaces for a door textures from his H2HMUD01.WAD level. ID Software, I redefined their COMPSTA1 and COMPTALL textures as animated textures to produce "living" instrument panels.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Wintex/Deutex WinDEU32 Waded Build, Robert Fenske BSP Node Builder, Colin Reed (used on final version) RMB, Jens Hykkelbjerg Corel Photopaint 6 CorelDraw 6
Bugs: Too many visplanes error encountered around starship thrusters, not a problem in normal play, position where crash occurs can only be reached using cheat code, IDCLIP. Occasionally a Mancabus gets stuck on the reactor catwalk, when this happens, you get an easy kill (just walk up to him, point blank, and blast away).
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cool '97 map, especially the circle engine thingsx
This crashes the hell out of GZDoom, but it runs with PRBoom. It's basically the same as id=8173; download that instead. The level is an ambitious, decent-looking starship (the engines are clever) from the days when people still did sci-fi Doom levels. The gameplay is simplistic, the layout is symmetrical and fiddly, but it's fun for five minutes. Interesting as an example of what people could do in the immediate pre-source port era.x

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