Title: Prower's Collection - DooM 2 version
Filename: levels/doom2/p-r/prwrcol2.zip
Size: 341.29 KB
Date: 12/29/97
Author: Michael "Prower" Reid
Description: If you don't like level complications, maybe this will change your mind. The reason? These levels _don't suck_. None of the levels in this collection are done by somebody else other than Prower (me), and I hand-picked the best eight of my own wads.

Level Name | MAP ----------------------------------------------- Prower's City | 01 Operation: Time Gate | 02 UAC Archaelogy Dome+ | 03 Mining Facility | 04 Lost Deimos Base* | 05 Temple of Stone* | 06 Tekbase of Fear* | 07 Compini Exchange Post* | 08

+ Appeared in The Experiment as MAP11 * Previously Unreleased

Map 01 - Prower's City ---------------------------
Credits: Anyone who likes my wads/bsps/etc. All that deserves to be credited to.
Base: Map 01, 02, 03, 04 based on PRWRCITY, OP_TGATE, TE MAP11, and MINEFACI, respectivally. They are still all of my own wads. Map 05, 06, 07, 08 are all my wads, previously unreleased. 05 was intended for TE MAP15, 06-08 were intended for METLHELL.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Waded 1.87R for editing, Warm 1.6 for nodebuilding, Deth 3.92 for putting graphics in my wads, NWT and NWTPRO for inserting new textures.
Bugs: The levels in this complication were ment to be played from scratch - press IDCLEVxx before you b begin each level, where xx is the map name. Make sure it is two digits (i.e. 01, 07, etc.) If you don't know what map you are one, press TAB in the level and it will show you what map in the lower-left hand corner.
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8 maps by prower. MAP03 is also in "The Experiment", other levels aren't duplicated on the /idgames archives I think. Visual style is similar to Memento Mori, the gameplay is fun with occasional surprisingly hardcore moments. The progression is usually kinda neat and some mapping tricks are used but many areas can be quite cramped. The first five maps are the best, the remaining ones are too short to leave a big impression but they are enjoyable to play through once. I like it.x
Level design is ok, but monster placement sucks. -- 3/5x

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