Title: The Seventh - Level 03: The Technology Base
Filename: levels/doom2/p-r/prwrsv03.zip
Size: 89.39 KB
Date: 07/02/98
Author: Michael "Prower" Reid
Description: The Seventh - Level 03: The Technology Base

About nine hours after the transport started, the lift finally comes to a
Credits: Adam Williamson, Richard J. Sham, Cyberdem, Rudy

Jurjako, Linguica, Aurican and Chrozoron for

recording demos for The Seventh 01 and 02.

All the fellows at #doom2 who encouraged me to

continue with The Seventh. Except for about 1/8 of

the visitors, but they're deathmatch kinda peoples.

Also, Jesse Myers(njx9) and Scott Cover(Covaro)

were meant to be beta-testers, but I hadn't seen

njx9 in a while (and I didn't want to flood his

mailbox if he was on vacation), and Covaro was

visiting the bluegrass state, Kentucky.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Waded 1.83, Warm 1.6, Deth 3.92 for level editing

PC Paintbrush 5.00 for graphics
Bugs: Yeah, right. Like I'd have errors in my work!
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This is from June 1998. I haven't played the other levels in the series; this one is a pretty good but often frustratingly cramped reactor / techbase. The design is nothing special by modern standards, but you get a decent number of the tougher monsters in a small space, and so it's never boring. It has a hub-style layout that breaks the action into bite-sized chunks. Against it, there's often very little room to dodge.x

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