Title: Random
Filename: levels/doom2/p-r/random.zip
Size: 180.35 KB
Date: 02/17/15
Author: P.L.J. Heinen
Description: I made this map years ago when I was 16, I hope you guys like it. It is a random mess, hence the name. But it has a lot of different themes and secrets.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: several months of and on
Editor(s) used: Waded and DCK
Bugs: None
Rating: (10 votes)
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Sui Generis
This is a surprisingly hard and good old map. The difficulty comes from lack of ammo, cramped spaces & hitscanners - some hide in dark spots and catch you out. It necessitates cautious play, where you need to make every shot count, & you feel the pain of every hit. Infighting is important, & the chainsaw can also be grabbed early saving crucial shells against demons. The texturing runs through themes, but the visuals are good. Itís like a puzzle & takes a few tries to complete but is rewarding & fun.x
This is a tricky 1995 map with some clever traps which require strategical thinking by part of the player. Yes, it is hard and yes, you will be hard-pressed for ammo, at least at the beginning, though it gets easier later on. I actually found the switch/key hunting more frustrating, as well as the constant noise of doors/lifts that didn't really get anywhere. The finishing touch is the "final room with all the goodies" cliche', including all 3 keys. Hey, thanks a lot! 3/5x
Everything here is connected with everything else. Lots of teleports that will put you into places where you don't want to be and force reloading or backtracking. Non-linearity hurts this map badly. A tedious map in overall. Surprisingly good visuals for a 1995 map.x
Two word summary - * stupid * confusingx
5* legendary? No, not at all. This is a typical 1995 style, enthusiastic but amateurish map with a lot of flaws common for those days. Feels indeed like a random mess. Fights are too often duplicated. Also often way too dark. Ammo @ UV is tight but absolutely enough. But it does have some gameplay. Rated as 1995 map with a few nice moments: average, so 3*.x
One of the few maps I didn't complete lately. Not enough ammo for me to enjoy playing on UV skill with a bizarre assortment of weak and boss monsters milling around. Map is non-linear but the 'wrong' path is invariably fatal. Aesthetically, this has nothing to recommend it. Music is from Terminator 2.x
Awesome map! It is hard and suprising, only con is that the rooms could be a little bigger. There is a suprising outside area.x

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