Filename: levels/doom2/p-r/ravenlft.zip
Size: 208.63 KB
Date: 07/17/95
Author: Luiz Claudio Duarte
Description: This WAD was based on the original Ravenloft module for AD&D 1st edition. I always thought that it was one of the best dungeons ever made. Almost all internal structures were recreated, using teleports at the stairs. Some structures were ignored, some were altered, but in the main the original castle is represented here.
Credits: The creators of Doom, and the authors of DCK, Deutex and DoomCAD.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: About one month
Editor(s) used: Mainly DCK, with a little help from DoomCAD. Final assembly with DeuTex.
Bugs: I was unable to load a saved game on a 486SX 33 MHz computer (in my own 486DX 50MHz it worked fine). This level is *big*!
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Getsu Fune
a lovely mansion-type level made in 1995 stairs and challenges await everywhere.x
Puzzle aspect of doom has its own charm....well executed puzzle theme,huge castle map with confusing but lively challengesx
A large and at times confusing level, but quite creative and some nice areas. Gameplay is decently balanced, and you'll probably find yourself using the berserk and low on health at times. Well worth playing.x
Only bother if you've got a stomach for oldschool WADs. I've never been into D&D, so I can't say how good a conversion this is, maybe it's more interesting to someone who's more familiar with it. A large castle with multiple floors; an aimless hunt for weapons and keys, and while some rooms evoke the imagination, most are bland so exploring the place can be dull. Also some annoying teleport traps.x
Good map. I'd give it four stars, if it weren't for two things: 1. This levels HUGE, and you get lost easily. 2. A lot of similar looking rooms. 3. The music just doesn't fit. So these boil it down to three. -- 3/5x

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