Filename: levels/doom2/p-r/ravine.zip
Size: 106.97 KB
Date: 07/20/96
Author: Jeff Gannaway
Description: There's no new plot line (who the hell really reads those anyway? You're a bad-ass with a gun and critters are shootin' at you. Why do you need a story-line? This isn't Mario Bros.) There are 2 things I hate in ID wads--intense puzzle-solving and monsters teleporting behind you all the time. This wad is real light in both areas. I like lots of secret rooms, so there are secrets a'plenty. Also, since I was hoping to blow my creative WAD (it's a pun, son, don't ya get it?) on this one level, there's several bosses before it's over.

Notice I said "was hoping to...". Turns out, the more I looked at ID's wall textures, the more ideas I got. Unfortunately, this level was already near max. capacities of my WAD editor, so I've decided to use my ideas in level 2.
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Exactly the kind of Doom experience I enjoy, perfect amount of variation while retaining that iwad "doomy" feel, a bit challenging but not frustrating to play. Fun!x
fuck yeax
not that bad considering its age, 3/5x

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