Filename: levels/doom2/p-r/redking.zip
Size: 186.93 KB
Date: 11/03/95
Author: Gereon P.J. Meuser 26 year old student of chemistry. I love playing soccer, computer and my wife and
Description: Welcome to THE AWFUL MONASTERY. This level is made intentionally for single player. At the beginning I wanted to make a multiplayer game-level but I have taken so much monsters in this level (e.g.: 110(!) Cacodemons at the final of the level in UV) and it's size is so big, that, when I added some more monsters, the programme did crash everytime (486 DX2-80 / 8MB). Nevertheless this level gives great fun in multiplayer mode. Deathmatch is possible, of course, but this level might be a little too big for this. Recommendation for rookies: Take skill 1! It's hot enough for you! I prefer skill 3. When I tested my wad, I had to save very often and I needed 1 hour to reach the exit.
Credits: René König, Dirk Hecking and Jrgen Thiele for single-player- and Holger Hgens and René König for multiplayer-testing. Credits to the authors of DOOM Construction Kit 2.2 (the very best DOOM-Level-Editor I've ever used!! (I've used only one.)), DeuTex 3.4, WinTex, TED 1.2, MIDI2MUS and to the guys from ID Software, too.
Base: Very new Map from scratch
Build time: Around 160 hours. 30 hours about testing.
Editor(s) used: DOOM Construktion Kit 2.2, DeuTex 3.4 (graphics), TED 1.2 (ENDOOM), WinTex and MIDI2MUS.
Bugs: None.
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