Title: Redux.wad
Filename: levels/doom2/p-r/redux.zip
Size: 605.14 KB
Date: 10/17/02
Author: Daniel Trim
Description: A little WAD ive been working on for a while, comprising of six tough but fair maps in a modern theme, intended as the first episode of a megawad. It's my first release so go easy. Just slap it in your doom directory along with the .gwa file if you can make use of it, and get going.
Base: s around the solar system that were associated with the slipgate technology. It turns
Build time: about three months, on and off
Editor(s) used: WinDEU
Bugs: Minor HOMs here and there. I've included a .gwa file created by glbsp as this completely erases all the little errors. The HOMs will not obliterate the gameplay so dont worry, they only look crap. Runs without error in vanilla doom2.
Rating: (12 votes)
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some fights are uninspired, later maps are confusing because of missing variations in design; layout is interesting and in general good, good lighting - a solid wad 3.5*x
The map layouts for map01 and map02 are actually great, it's just the awful brown textures all over that kill it. Spend a little time retexturing these and you'd have a super solid mini-wad.x
I had a go at this six-map set. Map01 bored me. It looks very spartan, like something from 1995, and the gameplay feels as if you're constantly running down a corridor to flick a switch that opens a door that leads to a corridor that leads to a switch etc. Map02 is similar but it's a techbase; Map03 is the same again but it's a sewer, Map04 crates etc. They're all elaborate and decently designed, but the gameplay is just monotonous.x

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