Title: Revenge
Filename: levels/doom2/p-r/revenge.zip
Size: 257.38 KB
Date: 07/01/10
Author: Thomas M. Frusti
Description: NOT just an upgrade to my original GENERATR.WAD! I've change a lot... Even if you've played the original... don't miss this!
- New ending!
- Cool lighting effects added!
- More (new) traps/tricks/monsters
- Monsters under the bed!
- Hear the funace in the basement running! (ooooooh)
- Now takes place at night.... scarry
- Added support for multi-player and Deathmatch
- Added difficulty levels
- Textures aligned / much better looking levels (should have always been)
- Did I say monsters under the bed?
- Levels flow into each other better (so what)

You return home to find your house infested with things worse than your (kids/in-laws/neighbors/ cousins... you pick). It's your duty to weed them out then find the passage they used to enter your life.

You find yourself teleported to the corporation responsible for selling humanity out to the hell spawn (no... not congress) and it too is over-run with nasties. Kill-em all and get past the guardian to their underground lair.

Finding the entrance to their domain, you descend and take on the minions of hell. You must deactivate the generater machine and make your way home through the main distribution teleporter.

Ahhhhh... home at last. You've got your revenge. But wait... Doom has it's own revenge on you......
Base: GENERATR.WAD (My original levels)
Build time: lots (off and on for a few weeks)
Editor(s) used: Deep 7.5
Bugs: none
Rating: (11 votes)
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