Filename: levels/doom2/p-r/rise.zip
Size: 464.71 KB
Date: 08/27/03
Author: Kurt and Carolyn Schulenburg
Description: You start off in a dimly lit stairway... Lots of fun things--stairs that go up AND down, hidden weapons, switches that must be pushed twice, a few puzzles. Plenty of monsters, but all difficulty levels are supported. If you get stuck, check the map, push the switches again, and look and listen. There should be no texture misalignments that are not deliberate! (Or impossible to correct!)
Credits: Marty Magnini and Bob Evans for playtesting and comments. If you haven't played Bob's wads, you haven't played Doom! Look for the Odessa and Castrum series or just search the Action Games Forum of CompuServe with his address:103011,623 Also, thanks to Jim Flynn for his support and some good ideas. The descending stairs were used by him in one of his great wads (at least). Check out his work in the Action Games Forum and his Master Level on the Doom Master Levels CD! Search on 72713,3334 for Jim's Wads. They are the best!
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: Oh, not more than weeks and weeks.
Editor(s) used: Deep, WinTex, PaintShop Pro, Cakewalk Pro Audio CoolEdit, Goldwave, Corel Draw
Bugs: None known...Yeah, the Baron won't fit out the door, but it's sort of fun to take him down. Also, it's BIG. Some slower machines may freeze or slow down--our Pentium 90 paused once but picked right up again. Save games work fine. It was unplayable on our 486-33--at least for me. Changing to low detail helped, but it's not as pretty.
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Yeah, the part with the floor was way neat, but when you pick something up it sounds like fackin super mario bros., and the music sounds like the kinda crap you hear in the eurovision contest.x
This is dated February 1996. For the time it is impressively large and detailed; it's still quite good in this respect, although the techbase section is eye-straining. There are some clever bits with raising/lowering floors, and there are some tasteful new textures and a decent sound replacement. The gameplay is so-so, but I enjoyed the level as a whole; it's non-linear and has a fair amount of fighting. I do not play Doom with music on, so I can't rate that.x
A good level with good gameplay and some great effects with stair raising. Music is excellent but dosen't really suit Doom though. 4/5 -PCx
I DO like the music, although it is weird. Great level, lots of unusual things happening, good attention to detail. It's pretty tough and some of the secrets are a little obscure.x
I dont really like the music, but the part when the floor goes up and then goes underground is pretty neat.x

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