Title: Robot Junkyard Workshop's Doom Pack
Filename: levels/doom2/p-r/rjwdp.zip
Size: 603.27 KB
Date: 02/01/14
Author: Nick Baker (not to be confused with the other Doom-map-making gentleman of the same name who goes by
Description: Something of a mini-episode, this .WAD is a collection of nine original Doom 2 levels designed for single-player and co-op play. (Sorry I didn't give this collection a cool name)

Styles vary among base/subterranean/semi-hell themes, and I strived to keep a steady and consistent up-down, up-down pacing to the action and difficulty, including traps, secrets, and monster/item placement among (more or less) non-linear level layouts.

Levels were authored sporadically over the course of 2011, to the end of December 2013, and touched up a little bit more before this release.

Comments and criticisms are welcome and encouraged.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 2011-2013 whenever in the occasional mood to map
Editor(s) used: DoomBuilder for levels Slade v3.1.0 beta 3 for plopping in a MAPINFO
Bugs: These were all tested throughout with ZDoom, so ZDoom is recommended. While the maps do not use any of the ZDoom-specific linedefs/sector types/etc, and thus should theoretically run OK with Doom 2's original DOS engine, I can't promise it won't have tutti-fruitti effects or other visual glitches (for example, MAP03 definitely has a nasty Hall-of-Mirrors in the outdoors area when played in the original engine).
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Good stuff. Not too hard, not too easy. Maps not to big, not to small. Just right. Need more stuff like this.x
I agree with Anonymous before; very confusing layouts with lots of switches that do non-obvious stuff. Textures are also all over the place and levels don't have any single theme. There's more roaming around than shooting.x
Played @ UV. Cons: the 1,000,000 1995-style wad, some HOMs, a *lot* of texture misalignments, frequently way too dark + spectres = we've seen before too many times, way too easy, too much ammo, gameplay mostly simple. Pro (regarded as 1995 wad): nostalgic, good-looking and very enjoyable old-school type fights - well done, so solid 4/5, if you like 1995 style absolutely worth a play.x
I like it lots.x
Meh. Layouts are quite confusing; the maps dont really flow, but seem randomly made and put together. x
It's good.x
You know, I really enjoyed this! Wishing there where more maps now....x

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