Title: Road Kill
Filename: levels/doom2/p-r/roadkill.zip
Size: 246.82 KB
Date: 08/27/03
Author: Kurt Schulenburg
Description: This wad is designed for SINGLE PLAY--and it's BIG! Lots of room to run--lots of intricate scenery. And, of course, lots of monsters. It includes many buildings--including my entire file, "Building" [Dmbld.wad] (modified of course). A long and winding road runs through this urban scenario, shops and factories on all sides. It's a human city--sickened with alien invaders.
Credits: My wife, Carolyn, for patience and some good ideas. Also, I stole and modified some Trinity textures (from the famous Trinity.Wad) and I grabbed the sky and a few walls from the new ID game, "Hexen". And a last minute addition, the pistol sound, from Jason Bilka and his Head-to-head Deathmatches. (CompuServe DM2H-H1.ZIP--contains three good DeathMatch Wads--Get it!) Thanks to Carolyn, Mega Death Marty Magnini and Ray Cook for their play- testing and comments! Thanks to all.
Base: New work, old work, all original
Build time: Coupla' weeks. The original was a wad I had laying around for over a year and I finally got around to finishing it up.
Editor(s) used: DEEP! WinTex! Paint Shop Pro! CakeWalk Pro!
Bugs: None known (write if you find any!) This wad had a few visplane errors, but I think they're gone. The single line bitmap error from the Doom engine appears now and again--right near the Player One Start. It's harmless...
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This is dated 10 November 1995. It's still pretty big and detailed by modern standards. The detail level is simple, but there's lots of it, and it's tastefully done. The gameplay doesn't stand out, but the map is atmospheric - it's like a deserted town at night. There's a bit of blundering around in the dark, and the level doesn't flow, but I liked it, it exceeded my expectations.x
Great Map...but TOUGH! You actually have to aim instead of just spraying! Nice design... but you do have to take a look at the map now and again.x
Good map. Plenty of ammo if you get the plasma gun near the start and use the berserk. Ammo might be a bigger problem on UV -fast though.x
too easy to get lost and very hard on the ammo.x
Not worth downloading.x

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