Title: Ropy II
Filename: levels/doom2/p-r/ropy2.zip
Size: 232.76 KB
Date: 02/07/04
Author: Tobias Forsberg
Description: Map02 is a singelplayer map. And the second wad in the ropy serie.
Credits: * id for the greatest game of all time * Ola Bjorling (with two funky dots over the o in bjorling) who teached me about DOOM. And some help with the memory in my computer. Thanks alot * Lars Ljung for making me look good in DM. * Jeff Rabenhorst for EdMap. Even if it fucked up my level. * Freddie Runkeklut for not existing. * Nicklas Linnes who didn't give me any ideas. =) He gave me to many in the previous levels so I didn't let him. * Fredrik Lindh for ideas, company and disturbing me with the keyboard
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very refined map...Really Enjoyed this one....Visuals,layou t,Puzzles,Progressio n,gameplayeverything is Perfect x
Short but pretty good.x
I owe you 5* for leaving a review of foa7.zip[Sorry about that!]^^What the above reviewers said goes for this map.Also,thanks to the guys at Doomworld forums for catching that act of thievery.-d.d.koopx
totally rad. you could know this thing like the back of your hand and still die. must play! *****x
A tight and detailed brick-and-brown-meta l castle, shotgun/chaingun only, with some nasty surprises. Lots of hitscanners and not much health, though survivable until you get the blue key, then you can either run for the exit or stay and get 100% - if you survive. Some nice new textures too, modified from originals, very well-suited. I love short intense well-planned maps like this. 5/5x
This one combines the design of the first ropy level with gameplay to match. Good use of Archviles. -shitbagx

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