Title: RoZinga's Nightmare
Filename: levels/doom2/p-r/rozinga2.zip
Size: 174.43 KB
Date: 10/21/99
Author: Roberto Zingales !
Description: Rozinga's Nightmare !!

This is my "first" wad level, which is a completely *revamped* level first released as Rozinga('s Nightmare) for DOOM I. This level is very complete, sophisticated and bloody !
It's not a level for beginners !
If you want some peace use -nomonsters !
You can finish it without Cheating !
You'll find lots of monsters,gates,acid baths, hidden teleporters, and grey-megaspheres, armours, tons of weapons.
There are FEW traps ( I said few, not NONE!), while the whole level is CLEAR : you always know who or what is killing you !
There are millions of death match starts ! You can find the BFG9000 in the last room, so you'll be able, if you're interested in, to go back to first room and toast every form of life 8-) !!!
Credits: Windeu,RMB.
Base: Originally a new DOOM I level from scratch, vastly redone and added to with new DOOM II textures, monsters and features.
If you have got the first version of this wad my opinion is to overwrite it with this new wad! This one is another world !
It's bigger, bloodier, faster, heavier and so on !
Build time:
Editor(s) used:
Bugs: None that we caused (we hope).
Rating: (3 votes)
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Starts as a half-open area with some primitive large 'buildings', a megaton ammo, and between more, lots of barons, a cybie, and some spidermasters. You have to enter a boring maze invisible on the automap, and in an attempt to find the exit you'll be teleported back inside it... The rest of the map is not much better. Overall this map is far below average, so I seriously haven't got a clue where these 4* votes are based on.x
Nightmare indeed. It's an early attempt at slaughter-ish hardcore gameplay and it is not good. The main area is so large that you'll be totally fine as long as you simply keep moving, and the rest is all mazes with dozens of barons to kill. Yawn.x

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